10+ Burgundy hair color shade ideas

Maroon (dim red, red wine color) is actively utilized for hair coloring in brunettes. Blondies and ladies with medium brown hair some of the time additionally resort to this honorable tint so as to seem more splendid, well, a lot more brilliant. Indeed, even redheads may attempt a few shades, reminding maroon, however inclining towards the warmer tints with admixture of cinnamon.

At first burgundy tone was considered an ideal shade for genuine brunettes. Nowadays even a few blondies set out to go that splendid and eye-popping. On the off chance that a stage towards strong vinous color shades appears to be unreasonably trying for the present, however you are enticed to have a go at something progressive, consider Ombre in red and purple tones with demi-changeless colors.

Burgundy is known similarly for its white and red wines. Not very purple, not very red, is the thing that settles on maroon such a well known decision, particularly with regards to picking the ideal shade from the hair color outline, particularly for Indian skin.

Cinnamon highlights

The red brown hair color related with zesty cinnamon is the thing that hair dreams are made of and it will genuinely make your long hairstyle stand-out. Worn wavy or straight and with a basic community part, it will look stunning.

Raspberry hair color shade

Raspberry color is a decent choice when you’ve attempted the light colors like  light purple, champagne, cool brown, rose gold and so on and you wanna go for something darker or something bolder.

Chocolate highlights hair

The rich burgundy hair color in balayage highlights sparkles and shocks. To make the nature of the color significantly increasingly clear, include long low-upkeep layers that will keep your hair looking solid and extravagant.

Violet shade

Dim red violet locks are about as near regular looking hair as you will get, without really going characteristic. Attempt a shade that sports a subtle purple tinge that isn’t incredibly perceptible… until you remain in the sun. At that point, watch the flashes fly.

Subtle balayage hair highlights

On the off chance that you like your profound brunette mane and need only a trace of red wine hair color in your locks, no compelling reason to focus on a strong burgundy shade color. Toss in some extremely subtle balayage highlights to make your mane dimensional and colored instead of nonpartisan. This progressively subtle color work looks marvelous throughout the entire year with for all intents and purposes any composition and outfit color palette.

Magenta hair shade

For a remarkable, colossally lively style, you can request that your hair colorist adjust your tresses to the fantastic conflict of magenta pink and profound burgundy with the base black color. Coloring your whole head magenta will turn out excessively overwhelming, in this way it’s everything about choosing balayage.

Brown highlights

In case you’re new to burgundy locks, you can test at first with reddish brown shade. This can be accomplished, for instance, with a straightforward balayage through slender subtle strips of color applied over your common brunette color, without past fading. It’s a standout amongst other maroon brown searches for amateurs.

Merlot shade hair color

There are a few cases where maroon and brown make for a definitive force pair, and this is surely one of them. Add some delicate merlot tones to the closures, alongside some characterized bends utilizing a hair curler, for the cutest wavy balayage impact.

Cranberry shade

Medium length textured waves are in vogue, yet make them stand apart significantly more by mixing some cranberry highlights in with the general mish-mash, on the grounds that not at all like canned cranberry served at Thanksgiving suppers, this is one sweet berry choice you shouldn’t cruise by.

Burgundy Ombre

Each burgundy Ombre you may think of is a tempting color combination that can take your hair to the following level. Presently, you can disregard when individuals didn’t gaze at the amazing measurement and burst of profound colors in your hair once you let your creative mind fly. It very well may be a complementing red-wine address your finishes, another color blend of two maroon shades or a complex ombre with some highlighted strands.

Burgundy balayage

A burgundy hair color is a mix of brown and purple that makes a profound maroon red wine tint. Like a fine wine, profound merlot, cabernet, oxblood and bordeaux hair color shades shimmer at the scarcest trace of light.


The standard burgundy hair color, this shade can be taken a stab at all hair color and types as it suits every last one. On the off chance that you are searching for genuinely fascinating thoughts, you should consider including some maroon highlights that look extremely extraordinary on brown hair. You will love such brilliant splendid accents on your hair just as everybody who encompasses you!


In the event that you set out to investigate, at that point you should attempt the dull mahogany hair color. The color is an ideal adjusted blend of burgundy, red and brown which brings about this extremely delightful looking color that ones again is reasonable for everyone.

Red velvet

While splendid red may not be some tea, a more tasteful looking tint of red will be red velvet with burgundy that would make you appear as though you claim the world. All the female heros have became significant objectives for getting a tint of red in our hair.

Wine burgundy

A shade of burgundy that has increased greater prominence in the ongoing occasions is the Wine maroon. The shade gets its name as a result of the likeness of its color to wine, reddish purple and shiny. This shade is likewise reasonable on the whole gang.


The plum shade of burgundy is without a doubt one of the most cherished and attempted a color of best maroon hair color for dim hair.

Hair Color Trends – The New Burgundy Hair Color

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