Boys hair Cut Pictures and Buns For Medium Length hair

The best buns for medium length hair are those that are messy and not too formal. The first and easiest is the simple bun, which sits close to the head and is easy to accomplish. The second type of medium length style is the messy bun. These look very informal and are great for special occasions. These styles can also be very practical, as they can be thrown together in a minute. The key to achieving a messy style is to care for that before you start creating your style.

When creating messy buns, make sure to condition and wash that thoroughly. This will prevent that from becoming damaged. Also, make sure that your bun is secure by using hair elastic to hold it in place. You can also use firm-hold gel or a spray of hairspray to keep it in place. Medium-length tresses are perfect for this type of style because they allow for more creativity.