Top 5 Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Low Buns

Low buns are elegant and feminine hairstyles for medium-length hair. They create an instant chic style. To add dimension, pull out face-framing tendrils and soften the look.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is an effortless and easy-to-create hairstyle. It’s perfect when you need more time or have yet to wash your hair. Add a touch of luxury with a velvet scrunchie. This cute and casual style is suitable for any occasion. Use bobby pins to smooth out bumps or flyaways, and finish with hairspray for a lasting style.

Twisted Bun

The twisted bun is an excellent choice for keeping your hair up without the structure of an updo. It’s suitable for low-impact activities or simply lounging at home. Start with clean, tangle-free hair. You’ll need elastic hair bands, invisible pins, medium-hold hairspray, and matching colored elastics. Twist each section of hair around itself to form the bun. Use dry shampoo or texture spray for added grip and volume.

Sleek Bun

Try this model-approved version of the bun for a sleek and polished look. It’s perfect for special events. Start with clean hair and use an edge control product for optimal results. Secure the bun with bobby pins or elastic hair accessories. Finish with a medium-hold hairspray for a long-lasting style. Backcombing a few strands can add height and modernity to the look.

Braided Bun

If you love the messy bun but dislike using bobby pins, try this braided space bun instead. It’s a cute and flirty style, especially with curtain bangs or fringe. This hairstyle works best with medium-length hair that has a natural texture—tame flyaways with styling gel or smoothing cream for a polished appearance. Divide your hair into horizontal sections and Dutch-braid the top part. Secure each braid with a small elastic hair accessory for extra security.