Brunette red hair

Gorgeous Brunette Red Hair Colors

Streaks of dark red color add an eye-catching contrast to natural brunette locks. This striking shade works beautifully for light complexions and blue-eyed beauties alike.

Strawberry Blond Red hair Color

A balanced yet sophisticated result from this balanced hue between strawberry blond and classic red, this shade can help those hesitant to switch up their color but craving something daring and bright. Ask your hairstylist to blend this vibrant shade with your natural brown base for optimal results.


You may recognize this shade from your favorite candies, ice creams, and pastries; it is a natural red food and cosmetic dye made of crushed insects.

Coppery Auburn

An excellent option for girls with light complexions who wish to incorporate red into their locks without going ultimately blonde, coppery auburn is an effective solution to achieve an appealing balance between brown and red hues. Just ask your colorist to seamlessly mix this coppery auburn hue into your natural brunette base to achieve stunning depth between these two spectrum tones.


Sangria is an elegant drink often created using red wine; however, any white wine will work just as well! Add citrus fruits for an authentic fruit punch vibe, or use aged rum for an exotic tiki cocktail experience! Make an easy and delicious sangria drink using Moscato d’Asti and apricot slices! Be sure to stir all ingredients thoroughly and refrigerate for at least three hours, if not overnight, for optimal results.


Brown amber exudes warmth like its precious earth gem namesake; it looks natural and lustrous against light complexions while complimenting any eye color beautifully. Use balayage and other fashion color techniques to achieve soft sun-kissed highlights or dramatic ombre effects. Amber can be mixed with rich, warm honey blondes for a sun-drenched look or deeper coffee brown hues for cooler complexions to produce deep brunette hues that work excellently as highlights or ombre effects.


Redwood is a low-maintenance red hue designed to flatter brunettes with cool skin tones, providing them with a natural-looking pop of color without overshadowing their complexion. Perfect for longtime redheads or those seeking something different. McArthur achieved this luscious, smoky look using an equal mixture of Wella Color Charm Red Terra Cotta 6R and Light Copper 6RG demi-permanent shades with 20 volume developer. She advises clients to revisit their color at home every six to eight weeks for touch-ups to keep it vibrant.


Celebrities like Emma Stone and Rihanna often sport this stunning brunette red hair color that boasts warm and cool undertones, offering the ideal choice for those seeking to add some brightness without going too drastic – since this hue complements most complexions. When combined with cinnamon highlights, mahogany creates an eye-catching ombre effect; its natural look contrasts beautifully with vibrant hues such as violet. If you prefer something more extraordinary, opt for a demi-permanent hair dye with violet tints instead.


Caramel is an eye-catching hue of blonde and brown that adds dimension and richness to hair colors of all kinds, perfect for women of all ages. Light caramel highlights can brighten light hair colors while creating subtle contrast on darker locks; natural brunettes can achieve sun-kissed results by using minimal balayage babylights to achieve sun-kissed locks. Long caramel brown balayage highlights are ideal for wavy brunettes with face-framing curls, adding beachy charm and making for an easy way to lighten cool-toned brunettes without risking root growth pains or bleaches that could turn brassy over time.


Cinnamon is an appealing brunette hue featuring red and copper undertones. Perfect for brunettes of all types, cinnamon also pairs beautifully with ash-blonde hair for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect. Rihanna uses cinnamon to emphasize her face-framing curls, showing that its hue can appear either browner or redder depending on lighting and outfit choices. Ask your stylist to use the block diffusion placement technique to achieve this look.

Ageless Auburn

Soft brown shades such as these can add warmth to any look, whether flattering fair skin tones or giving medium or olive complexions an eye-catching glow. Lighter versions look exceptionally well when worn against fair complexions, while darker hues offer medium or olive complexions an impressive shine. Contact your colorist and ask them to blend a caramel auburn with your natural brown hair for an eye-catching dimensional effect. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner such as Redken Color Extend Magnetics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner to preserve this vibrant hue.


Garnet is a gem of wisdom, offering balance and healing. It serves as an effective talisman against emotional turmoil while providing perspective. Rich copper red hues are an excellent way to transition to red without bleaching their hair, as they will blend beautifully with natural brown shades while maintaining many essential nutrients that bleach may strip from your locks. For an effortless take on this trend, ask your colorist to hand paint subtle reddish brown streaks onto dark chocolate strands – it will keep them looking sun-kissed all year round!