How to Style Layered Brunette Hair

Layers for Volume and Definition

Layers add volume and definition for blondes and create stunning looks with the right hue and texture for brunette hair.

Effortless Casual Look with Shoulder-Length Layers

Try a shoulder-length layered cut with face-framing bangs for an effortless casual look that suits all face shapes and sizes.

Long Layers for Volume and Texture

If your long hair needs volume and texture, consider adding layers from the roots upward. A texturizing product can help achieve a sleek finish.

Breathtaking Layered Shag Haircut

A layered shag haircut with face-framing bangs is perfect for medium-length hair. It can be worn straight or wavy, creating an eye-catching frame around your cheekbones.

Layers for Pixie Cut Shape

Long layers starting at the ears can provide a pixie-cut shape without adding too much length. This technique works for any hair type and size.

Choppy Layers for Effortless Bob

Choppy layers added to a straight bob create an effortless and casual vibe. Alternatively, let the layers fall naturally for a beachy feel.

Layers for Fuller Volume in Curly Hair

Layers work wonders for curly locks, adding fuller volume and bounce. Consider soft texturizing for additional definition.

Katy Perry’s Signature Layered Hairstyles

Katy Perry is known for her signature layered hairstyles. She often pairs them with lowlights for a seductive and unique style.

Rose Gold Highlights for Dimension

Rose gold pink highlights can add dimension to your hair without bleaching all your strands. This eye-catching shade blends pastel pink and beachy blonde tones.

Brunette Rose Gold Ombre

Brunettes can also embrace the rose gold trend with a stunning pink ombre. This style achieves a dramatic transformation without extensive bleaching.

Gray hair Highlights

Consider only highlighting patches that frame your face to add color to gray hair without dyeing it all over. This technique can also help conceal silver streaks.

Deep Ash Brown for Vibrant Hue

A deep ash brown shade with silver undertones looks spectacular in a long layered brunette bob. Use a color-protecting shampoo to maintain the vibrant hue.

Disconnected Curtain Bangs for an Intriguing Style

Disconnected curtain bangs add an intriguing element to any medium haircut. This versatile look works well with straight or wavy locks and layered bobs.

Hee Layers for Shape, Volume, and Movement

Hee layers provide a gradual shape, volume, and movement transition for long hair. They work for any texture, length, and cut, particularly when paired with wavy or straight locks.

Softly Styled Layered Cut for Volume and Texture

Consider a softly styled layered cut for long hair that needs volume and texture. Ask for layers cut in a U shape around your face for added definition.

Medium-Length Layered Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Blonde locks are ideal for layering techniques. Ask your stylist to include balayage highlights in a medium-length layered haircut for added dimension and color display.

Farrah Fawcett’s Shoulder-Length Wavy Haircut

Emulate Farrah Fawcett’s gorgeous shoulder-length wavy haircut with long, face-framing waves. Use sulfate-free products and a nourishing conditioner to maintain beautiful blonde locks.