Brunette Layered Hairstyles

Layers add character and dimension to any haircut.

Layers provide low-maintenance solutions for medium hairstyles and help bring volume and movement.

Long Layers

Long, disconnected, choppy layers create an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that flatters most face shapes.

Soft and natural long layered hair accentuates the natural beauty of your natural color.

Rihanna’s classic layered hairstyle is eye-catching for most face shapes.

Short Layers

Ask your hairdresser to add short layers that frame the face for a structured look.

Layered styles are highly adaptable and work on all lengths.

Layers with Bangs

Layers are an ideal way to add texture and shape to medium-length hair lengths, especially those with wavy textures.

For a soft, romantic, layered look, ask for long face-framing layers that blend into your cut.

Layers are a fantastic solution for thicker textures as they add dimension and movement.

Layers with Curls

Layered hair styles are a great way to add texture and weight-reducing benefits without cutting too short.

This brunette layered hairstyle boasts a stunning mid-back U-cut for an exquisite, feminine, romantic style with natural edges.

Katy Perry can’t imagine her hairstyle without layers – from long, voluminous blowouts to irresistibly chic pixie cuts.