How to Get Brown Highlights in Brown Hair

Brown highlights are an effective way to add dimension and depth without opting for an overhauled color change. Their attractive hues lighten your dark tint while providing an eye-catching contrast for an eye-catching finish. Ask for thicker chunky highlights like Selena Gomez for a dramatic yet natural-looking frame around your face, or opt for cool-toned ashy blonde strands to keep things cooler-toned. Either option will give your locks the perfect blend, look natural, and give you maximum longevity!

Red Highlights

Red highlights in brown hair add vibrant, eye-catching color that complements various brown shades such as chestnut, mahogany, and black cherry. They look particularly stunning against these hues. Add thin blonde streaks for those who need more time to get ready for a complete change. They provide an effective alternative to highlights while being much kinder on your natural color. For an eye-catching, multidimensional style, ask your stylist to create an ombre with darker red highlights for an eye-catching ombre look. These colors will complement the natural strands for a fantastic overall result!

Toffee Highlights

Cool-toned caramel highlights can effectively lighten brunette hair without going blonde, creating an eye-catching contrast and making the locks appear more vibrant than just dark colors alone. Ask your clients to use shade-shielding shampoo and conditioner such as INVIGO Brilliance Color Protecting Shampoo and Vibrant Color Conditioner to keep their highlights vibrant with shade-shielding protection against brassiness and fade for a fresh, rich look. Add an eye-catching contrast with sandy balayage on wavy brunette locks for an eye-catching contrast! This technique creates an easy and natural transition of shades that suits all face shapes and hair textures.

Wispy Gold Highlights

Dark brown hair can be beautifully lightened with subtle yet beautiful highlights in golden hues for an effortlessly gorgeous finish. The balayage technique seamlessly incorporates these blonde highlights into the natural brown shade for an alluring and eye-catching finish. Full-head blonde highlights can appear too bold and unnatural on darker locks. For an alternative lighting effect, consider opting for chestnut highlights – they provide similar lighting effects without making such an extreme change to your color choice. Gold highlights can make for an elegant summertime look when used strategically with wispy gold locks, while copper highlights give your appearance more depth and vibrance.

Gray Highlights

Gray highlights are an elegant and chic way to enhance brown hair and are fast becoming one of the hottest trending colors today. Chunky highlights were popular decades ago, but now innovative techniques such as balayage and baby lights allow thin ribbons of a lighter shade to be painted onto each strand for a more natural appearance. Gunmetal gray highlights are an attractive option for brown hair. Paired with light brown lowlights, their tones create an aesthetically pleasing combination and produce subtle yet modern shades of color. Add gray highlights to a layered bob for a stylish yet casual look that complements any face shape. This medium-length cut can help women highlight their features through an eye-catching haircut.

Warm Brown Tones

Warm brown tones feature coppery red and golden undertones that give your locks depth. These shades go best with peach or olive complexions and brown eyes. Make life simple when styling brunette hair: choose toasted caramel highlights for an easy-to-manage hue that compliments all skin tones. With its rich, warm brown shade and subtle peanut-colored highlights, toasted caramel highlights provide the ideal palette for balayage or ombre hair extensions. Dark chocolate is a timeless hue for warm-skinned women with deep olive complexions and brown eyes. Additionally, its soothing qualities can also benefit those with medium complexions looking to avoid ashy blonde highlights.

Red And Caramel Highlights

Brown hair with red highlights creates an eye-catching style ideal for girls with dark skin tones. The vibrant red tones add depth and dimension to your brown tresses, making your locks shine in sunlight. For a subtler color boost, opt for lighter balayage highlights with soft caramel face-framing highlights for face-framing purposes. This approach can be especially beneficial to those afraid of bleaching their entire head of hair or who don’t wish to commit to such a drastic change. Magenta red highlights on your brown hair can create an eye-catching and captivating look that is sure to draw people’s attention. These highlights can be added either smudgily or block style around the face, depending on what look you are going for.

Ice Blonde

Icy blonde highlights on brown hair can create a stunning visual impact and make an eye-catching statement, yet their upkeep requires regular toner applications to stay fresh and vibrant. Ask your colorist for a picture of the desired ice-blonde hue so they can match it precisely and prevent your new look from turning brassy or yellow over time. This can help prevent future problems of turning brassy or yellow with age. For a more manageable maintenance plan, opt for a balayage ombre technique, that only lightens the tips of your hair – this way you can extend the time between salon visits!