How to Lighten Blonde or Brown Hair with Highlights

Highlighting is an effective way to brighten the shade of both blonde and brown locks, adding vibrancy or creating contrast against their natural hue.

Brunette hair can look stunning with cool blonde highlights. Compared to warmer blonde hues, cool blonde shades enhance peachy or pink undertones more effectively.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are an easy and affordable way to energize brunette hair. Whether your locks feature curtain bangs or short bob cuts, caramel highlights are an easy way to revive the hue and brighten your face.

For an understated approach, try balayage as a subtler way to incorporate caramel hues into the natural shade and give dimension. Depending on the tone of your locks, choose from blonde to dark brown caramel shades for an earthy effect, lighter golden hues for radiant results, or cool beige/copper highlights to contrast warmer tones in between!

Brunettes have plenty of highlights available to them for their highlights – soft ombre’, hand-painted balayage, foils, and dip dye are just a few options available to them. Lighter caramel or bronze shades work particularly well if they don’t want their hair too fair; by selecting the appropriate highlight shade and technique, you can achieve your desired look while keeping it natural-looking and healthy!

Rich caramel tones can instantly elevate a plain and lifeless brown hair color, adding vibrancy and life. Paired with beachy waves and subtle cheek contouring, this look will have people turning heads wherever you go. If balayage or highlights still need to be your cup of tea, add small pops of caramel throughout your locks for an irresistibly tempting toasted chocolate look!

Dark Chocolate Balayage

As a dark brunette, seeing your highlights pop out can be challenging. But fear not; your colorist can apply hand-painted caramel highlights into your hair for lift without bleaching thoroughly – creating an eye-catching sun-kissed caramel effect that everyone will covet!

Long Caramel Hair

When your locks have reached a length where voluminous wavy styling is possible, caramel highlights will create an eye-catching glow. This luxurious caramel balayage looks particularly striking on long tresses with deep cocoa bases that are almost black. These warm caramel highlights and wavy texture will complement your complexion, eyes, and cheekbones beautifully!

Medium Chestnut Balayage

Chestnut hair color looks stunning when accented with caramel highlights in the front to draw focus to your features. This subtle yet blended look works for all lengths. Alternatively, try opting for deeper caramel hues for an eye-catching sun-kissed appearance in your locks.

Embody Your Inner Blonde

Are You A Dark Brunette Looking To Lighten Up This Summer By Requesting Caramel Highlights

If you are a darker brunette looking to lighten up for summer without going all-out blonde, caramel highlights may be perfect. Created through hand-painted balayage or foiled techniques, caramel highlights produce gorgeous results when placed closer to the roots and lighter at the ends for an ombre look.