How to Accentuate Brown hair With Color

Enhance with Warm Highlights

Brunettes who prefer warm tones can accentuate their natural brown shades with gold and coppery red tones for an eye-catching combination. Adding thin caramel or warm blonde highlights through balayage babylights or ombre techniques can create a dimensional effect and bring out rich, reddish undertones.

Add Red Highlights for Subtle Brightening

For a subtle change, brunettes can add red highlights ranging from burgundy to cherry to brighten their look. Pairing darker wine-red shades with lighter baby lights or incorporating a subtle burgundy-red ombre effect can create a multidimensional appearance. Coppery red highlights hand-painted onto the hair can also add a romantic touch.

Experiment with Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair complements all skin tones, especially warm complexions with gold or bronze undertones. Add subtle babylights in golden blonde or reddish tones to enhance this deep hue for a sun-kissed effect. Styling a long bob with bangs can further accentuate the warm brunette shade.

Incorporate Blonde Highlights

Brunettes can also embrace highlights, such as understated caramel hues or golden highlights, to add shine and dimension to their light brown locks. Honey or butterscotch blonde highlights can create a seductive style, perfect for warm skin tones. Maintaining highlighted or balayage locks with specific haircare products designed for them is crucial for long-lasting results.