How to Style Your Brown hair With Baby Highlights

Your stylist has various techniques available to them when it comes to highlights. Adding highlights can add vibrancy and depth to your hair. Stylists can use techniques like balayage to create multi-tonal dye jobs.

Babylights are one of our go-to ways to amplify brunette locks! These highlights are thin and subtle, creating a natural and sun-kissed glow.

Blonde Balayage

Get the It-girl look with a rooted bright blonde balayage style. Finish it with messy waves for an eye-catching, chic color trend that still looks natural.

Consider a subtle blend of blonde and brown shades like this balayage with earthy mushroom tones for darker hair. It complements your hair beautifully and will make you look stunning.

Warm-toned blond balayage on dark hair stands out beautifully when styled into beachy waves. The different shades of blonde and brown blend seamlessly for an eye-catching finish.

Blonde Dimensional Highlights

Create contrast and brighten your skin tone with richer brown colors and blonde highlights. You can choose whole, all-over blonde highlights or use baby lights for a more subtle sun-kissed effect. Adding lowlights can further enhance the dramatic look.

Blonde dimensional highlights work beautifully for brunettes looking to lighten their complexion. Milk chocolate blonde highlights create a summery vibe and can frame your face to highlight your cheekbones.

Blonde Babylights

Babylights add subtle streaks of lighter pigment throughout your brown locks for a natural and sun-kissed look. This technique resembles balayage but uses smaller sections for a more delicate effect. It requires less upkeep and fades naturally over time without appearing brassy.

Enhance your brown bob with magenta-blonde baby lights for a brighter overall appearance. These delicate highlights add dimension to any base color. Just use a toning shampoo for blondes to avoid brassiness.

Gold Balayage

Go bold with golden brown balayage for a captivating and daring look. The warm auburn and rich golden brown shades make a statement, especially when paired with a blunt bob.

This sombre-style balayage is an excellent option for dark brunettes looking for a subtle ombre look. The dark chocolate brown strands blend into light honey-blonde highlights for a stunning combination of warm and cool tones.

For medium brunettes who want to brighten their locks, try this brightening hair color with baby lights and darker gold tones. It suits any face shape or texture, especially wavy or curly hair.

Gold Dimensional Highlights

Add chestnut balayage to your dark brown locks for a blonde-like effect without the commitment. This luxurious color application mimics cinnamon’s warm and toasty qualities for a captivating and subtle look.

Babylights create a natural and sun-kissed effect with thin, subdued highlights. Choose a shade lighter than your base color for the best results. Avoid red tones, as they may look brassy on dark hair.

Add excitement to long locks with pink highlights for a gorgeous ombre effect. Stick to light pink shades to prevent bleeding into the roots and causing muddiness.