How to Style Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

Auburn Highlights:

– Auburn highlights are a great way to add color without a drastic hair change.

– The warm red hue complements various complexions, eye colors, and styles.

– Caramel or copper auburn highlights blend well with different shades of brown base color.

– They enhance brown eyes and complement most skin tones.

Caramel Highlights:

– Caramel highlights look stunning on black and dark brown locks.

– They offer a gradual transition for brunettes unsure about drastic transformations.

– Opt for cool-toned caramel shades for an irresistibly delicious look.

– Lighter caramel babylights provide an eye-catching mahogany hue.

– Muted caramel hues blend beautifully into natural hair color for a stunning but subdued transition.

– Bold balayage with caramel highlights creates a striking ombre effect.

Copper Highlights:

– Copper and blonde highlights add depth and dimension to brown hair.

– Brunettes can have shimmer and luminescence without compromising their color.

– Warm orange copper highlights create an appealing contrast against olive complexions.

– Copper roots add depth and make blonde hair appear more natural.

Blonde Highlights:

– Light brown hair paired with blonde highlights provides a natural and soft contrast.

– Any light blonde shade refreshes the brunette color and adds a youthful finish.

– Cool-toned balayage with platinum and icy blonde shades adds dimension to brown locks.

– Strawberry brown hair with red highlights creates an eye-catching effect.

– Copper roots offer an alternative to full highlights or balayage for added dimension.

– Different highlight techniques can enhance brown hair with auburn, caramel, copper, or blonde tones.

– Consider your skin tone, eye color, and desired level of change.

– Consult with a colorist to achieve your desired style.