How to Rock Brown Hair on Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, you can rock almost any hair color imaginable; experts advise avoiding hues that clash with your undertones, such as ash blonde and pastel shades, as these could potentially wash out your complexion.

Soft Honey Blonde

For an effortlessly natural look, a soft honey blonde is an excellent option; brown skin may prefer more depth, such as red tones.


Copper brown hair colors effectively add warmth and dimension to any dark shade, particularly brunettes looking for something a bit bolder in their locks.


Silver hair can add an elegant contrast against dark skin tones, adding depth and brightness.


Vibrant copper auburn hair adds warmth and sensuality to dark complexions, adding an eye-catching shimmer that makes a statement about you and your confidence.


Are You A Cool Spring or Warm Autumn? If you are, chances are your eyes have blue-green irises, and your hair ranges from golden blonde to light brown in tone. Choose shades with blue-green or turquoise undertones like aquamarine for vibrant results on pre-lightened locks; alternatively, it can add an unexpected teal tint even on darker blonde or unbleached locks.

Chili Chocolate

Autumnal hues–such as pumpkin-spice orange, reddish leaves, and toffee brown–make brunette hair look stunning. Chili chocolate shades could also work beautifully if you want to embrace these rich autumnal colors without going entire pumpkin spice orange.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde hair can add a feminine touch to your style. From an all-over color or low-contrast balayage/ombre process, this mesmerizing hue suits most skin tones beautifully and looks lovely on curly or wavy locks.

Iced Espresso

Take your excellent brown hair color up a notch with this refreshing iced espresso shade! Its pecan-brown base creates a soft contrast against caramel, and flaxen blonde balayage highlights for an attractive finish.