The Lowdown on Highlighting Brown Hair

Highlights for Brunettes: Adding depth and dimension to brown hair.

Caramel Highlights: Meghan Markle’s honeyed look was achieved with BlondorPlex lifters and Koleston Perfect 5/73 4/0 refiners.

Dark Chestnut Hair: Beautiful monochromatic style without highlights, perfect for long, straight strands.

Low-Maintenance Chestnut Shade: Priyanka Chopra’s fade from chestnut to strawberry blonde, with subtle baby lights around the face.

Light Chestnut Shade: Warm-toned chestnut for blond blondes and brunettes, featuring caramel and golden hues.

Ash Blonde Highlights: Adding depth and dimension to natural hair color, with the option to add warmth.

Ash Brown Highlights: Light ash brown with cool blonde highlights for a stunning, multifaceted finish.

Light Brown with Rose Tint: Exquisite rose brown hair color with subtle ginger or reddish tones can be enhanced with blonde highlights.

Medium Brown with Rose Tint: Adding a hint of rose to dark brown locks for a fresh, romantic style.

Dark Brown with Money Piece: Face-framing highlights around the front hairline for a sun-kissed effect can experiment with vibrant hues.

Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights: Elegant dark brown hair with caramel highlights framing the face beautifully.

Dark Brown with Gold Highlights: Fresh look for any season, with artful sandy balayage and hand-applied highlights.

Dark Brown with Copper Highlights: Summertime look with copper-hued highlights, accentuating facial features.

Cool Brunette Highlights: Great options for women not wanting to go blonde; adds depth and dimension.