Brunette Hair Colored Tips

Few hair colors are as versatile as brown. From warm hues like chocolate and chestnut to cooler tones like ash, brown’s versatility will take your style in numerous directions. To keep your brunette color looking its best, it is essential to use a shampoo that prevents brassiness – we highly recommend this product!

Darker Caramel Brown

Caramel brown is ideal for brunettes who want a change without going too light, with warm or cool hair color shades that are easily paired. Furthermore, its rich hue looks gorgeous against all skin tones for a deep, welcoming glow that suits everyone. Make an impressive statement with a rich caramel balayage on your locks for a stunning change! This style will bring out your brown hair and look even more attractive when paired with curlier or wavy locks. Peek-a-boo highlights on caramel brown are an easy, low-maintenance choice that adds dimension and style. Go a few shades lighter at the ends for an eye-catching effect, or add trendy money pieces for face-framing layers that frame your face for an eye-catching effect. Plus, this technique will prevent your brown color from fading too rapidly, eliminating frequent salon visits!

Deep Cocoa Brown

Chocolate brown hair is an elegant shade ideal for fall and winter months. As an intermediary shade between blonde and black, it suits various skin tones well and looks gorgeous when highlighted. Chocolate balayage is an effortless way to add dimension and depth to your locks. It looks stunning on both wavy and curly locks, and even lighter versions create a gorgeous ombre effect. For a dramatic effect, try super dark espresso brown. This color boasts luxurious richness that will provide your locks with fullness. Add blonde or reddish highlights for even greater contrast – just be sure to protect it from sun damage as contrasting colors may fade quickly – try TRESemme’s Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner, which contain antifade technology for extended vibrancy!

Dark Chestnut with Light Brown Highlights

Chestnut brown hair with highlights can be the ideal combination of dark and light hues for brunettes exploring lighter tones. Chestnut brown locks with highlights blend seamlessly, producing an illuminating result that looks stunning on all skin tones. Furthermore, adding highlights frames your face for an eye-catching dramatic effect that doesn’t look out of place on most complexions. Consider adding copper or golden blonde highlights to add subtle warmth and dimension to your chestnut brown locks. Copper highlights are a fantastic way of accentuating reddish tones in chestnut brown shades, while golden blonde ones add even more sexy depth when your strands are wavy. Chunky brown balayage offers you the best of both worlds: a natural-looking ombre without all the maintenance associated with full-head blonde highlights. This shade fades from dark chestnut on top to light golden brown in mid-lengths and ends, creating an eye-catching look sure to make an impressionful statement about who you are!

Dark Chestnut with Babylights

Chestnut brown looks exquisite when enhanced with subtle highlights. For an all-over vibrant shade, opt for a dark chocolate or mahogany base color and then incorporate Chestnut highlights throughout for the dimension and definition of your strands. Lightening baby lights that follow the curve of your locks provide face-framing effects; ask your colorist to create lightening baby lights like Kate Beckinsale has done to achieve a face-framing result without going blonde. Choose a deep chestnut shade with reddish tints for an eye-catching fall hue for maximum impact. This vibrant combination of warm tones will surely draw compliments and stand out in a crowd. At the same time, this hair color also works well for those not keen on going super blonde – instead, ask your stylist to add reddish chestnut pieces that enliven natural locks without overwhelming them!