Brown Hair Color Chart – Warm and Cool Tones for Brunette Hair

Whether you are an established brunette or just starting to experiment with color, a brown hair color chart will help you select the ideal hues. There are warm and cool tones to consider that will complement skin tone and eye color.

Warm Brown Hair Tones

To find your ideal match, inspect the veins on the underside of your wrist — if they appear greenish in hue, this indicates your warm tones, and you should opt for warm brown tones like light hazelnut shades.

Dark Ash Brown

Dark Ash Brown is an eye-catching cool shade that works beautifully with most skin tones.

Mushroom Brown

Mushroom Brown has become one of the hottest looks thanks to its combination of brown, ashy gray, and purple hues, making it appear both ethereal and sophisticated.

Ash Brown Highlights

Add subtle depth and movement to your long locks with ash-brown highlights from balayage. This low-maintenance look features thin ribbons of light brown to highlight their natural movement while only needing minimal upkeep.

Keep Your Ashy Brown Locks Shiny

Keep your ashy brown locks from looking dull between coloring sessions using toner or blue shampoo, such as Dove hair Care Repair 1 Minute Serum Conditioner with its keratin-enriched serum capsules that help repair damaged strands and restore shine.

Dark Brown Auburn

Dark Brown Auburn Hair is an exquisite shade of red-brown that adds a splash of color to any look. Keep it subtle or bold with fiery orange highlights for maximum impact.

Experimenting with Auburn Highlights

If you want to experiment with reddish shades but are hesitant about fully committing, try opting for a dark brown with light red highlights, as it will allow you to test out this trend without looking too drastic. Additionally, adding dimension makes your hair shine brighter.

Plum Brown

Plum brown is an elegant hue perfect for all complexions. Combining red and purple undertones into one shade makes an easy way to add some pop without going overboard with color.

Bright Balayage for Plum Hair

Bright balayage is an effective way to add plum to your hair without making the hue too vibrant. In this look, dark chestnut brown melts away into auburn plum that leans towards magenta at the tips of a long bob haircut.

Rose Plum

Rose plum is an increasingly popular shade that beautifully complements cool and warm-toned skin tones. Its pink and purple undertones pair exceptionally well with blue eyes, though its hue can also beautifully accentuate hazel or green eyes.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is an inviting shade that complements all skin tones, from natural brunettes to those looking for lighter hues. Close in terms of pigmentation to dark chocolate yet warmer due to caramel-esque undertones, making it the ideal seasonal change!

Light Caramel Brown Hair

This gorgeous light caramel brown hair color, with subtle red tones, makes a statement with any haircut, but beautiful is face-framing bangs.

Cascading Ribbons of Color

Make an impactful statement with long chocolate brown hair with an exquisite caramel balayage on long lengths. These cascading ribbons of color look fabulous when styled into French braids, fishtails, or waterfalls!

Cinnamon Brown

Cinnamon brown is an elegant, deep, coppery shade that adds sophistication to any look. It is ideal for olive complexions and blue/green eyes.

Subtle Use of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is another vibrant reddish brown that mimics chestnut wood, offering an eye-catching contrast against solid colors or backgrounds. While its use may seem bold, you can introduce small doses for an easy maintenance option.

Reddish Brown

Reddish brown is an in-between color that incorporates both red and brown tones. It makes an excellent option for those wanting to test out the red hair trend without going full throttle; it pairs well with olive complexions and complements dark eye colors nicely.

Various Reddish Brown Hues

Reddish brown hues include chamois, burnt umber, mahogany, tea, cappuccino, and Windsor tan. Additional reddish-brown options are maroon, rusty brown, and kombucha. When selecting this shade for your brunette hues, it should be remembered that frequent touch-ups may be needed since reddish browns fade faster than others.