Using a Brown Hair Color Chart

hair color charts are essential tools for any hairstylist. They allow them to catalog, differentiate, and understand the spectrum of hues required to meet clients’ desired results.

Ash brown

Ash brown hair is a gorgeous hue that compliments warm and cool skin tones. It works to cover stray gray strands by blending seamlessly. Light ash brown balayage styles like Tyra Banks’ soft look are another way to minimize maintenance requirements. Medium ash brown ombre works wonders on brunettes with cooler complexions.

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is among the most sought-after hues on the brown hair color chart. This warm hue suits almost everyone, especially against olive skin tones and more excellent eye colors. This gorgeous shade gives you complete freedom to go as dark or light as desired. Highlights and lowlights can add dimension to any style, like Chloe Wilson’s caramel-colored balayage.

Cinnamon brown

Cinnamon can be an excellent way for redheads looking to go slightly darker or dark brunettes looking to switch things up. Start as an all-over color, or blend it with lighter tones in an ombre and balayage style for maximum impact. Carmichael notes that cinnamon brown hair colors look best on cooler skin tones.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate, the gentlest shade on the brown hair chart, makes an excellent complement for warm skin tones with green eyes. Additionally, this color offers brunettes a superb opportunity to add depth without going too light on their locks. Textured balayage in a dark chocolate brown shade looks rich and classic.

Natural brown

Natural brown hues complement all skin tones, particularly women with light eyes, as they highlight them beautifully. Selecting an ideal shade of brown requires careful thought as you want something that complements both your complexion and looks stunning on you; to do this, it may be beneficial to consult a stylist.

Sandy brown

Sandy brown is an eye-catching hue perfect for light complexions. It is particularly fitting for girls with blue and green eyes and is usually achieved using either the balayage technique or slight ombre techniques. Mahogany brown is a medium reddish-brown hue meant to resemble mahogany wood, which is an excellent way to enhance warm skin tones while complementing green or hazel eyes.

Wavy hairstyles also suit this shade beautifully, and mahogany brown makes a fantastic option for brunettes looking to add depth and dimension to their appearance.