Hairstyles For a Brown hair Boy

Brown hair boy is an iconic character from South Park. As a schoolboy, he regularly appears in hallways, assemblies, and classrooms.

Slick Back

This classic and versatile hairstyle for boys with thick locks is ideal for professional and casual settings. However, curly or frizzy hair types should opt for something other than this look, as too much product will be necessary to hold the style back.


If your boy has an adventurous spirit, this mohawk will help express it. With flame-inspired details on top and faded sides, this kid’s mohawk hairstyle offers a unique edge sure to turn heads. This black boy’s haircut features a narrow mohawk at its crown and an attractive tree detail on the faded sides, creating a distinct and unmistakable style that stands out in any crowd. A vibrant pink hue adds a special touch that suits boys who dare to be different.


The pompadour is an adaptable hairstyle, typically featuring long locks on top with backward brushing and raised into a quaff. This timeless look always goes in class and is ideal for showcasing your individuality without appearing overbearing. Though this requires additional work, the results speak for themselves! This style offers a modernized take on pompadour hair. Combining fades with side parts for an eye-catching undercut that will impress and show off facial features, this look makes an impressive statement and shows them off perfectly at casual or formal events.

Man Bun

The man bun is an ideal hairstyle for brown-haired boys as it allows them to keep their long locks without cutting them, while being easy to maintain. Apply hair styling products and push back onto moderately long locks until achieving a pompadour look from the front. The man bun is a masculine equivalent of female buns that has become widely popular worldwide. Typically worn by people with carefree attitudes, this style looks great when combined with beards or other trendy accessories like fashionable shirts. Though often perceived as throwback samurai fashion, the man bun is more of a statement about one’s lifestyle than anything else.