Brown Hair Anime Girl – Hairstyles Look Like an Anime Character

When it comes to anime girls with brown hair, there are plenty to choose from. From Megumi Noda to Asuna, there’s a character out there for you. We’ll take a closer look at each of their stories and learn more about their unique looks. You may even discover a new favorite anime character!


You may be wondering, “Why is Asuna a brown Hair anime girl?” The answer is simple: She has a great hair color! She’s also a compassionate character, and has a lot of fans. Despite being a sidekick, Asuna has a big heart, which means that fans will likely fall in love with her.

Asuna is an anime girl with brown Hair who appears in the Sword Art Online series. She’s one of the most beloved female characters in the entire franchise. In addition to her brown hair, she has a perfect figure and lightning-fast combat skills. She’s a devoted fan of the franchise, and her adorable personality and kind heart have won her countless fans.

The anime also features a girl with blonde Hair who is a second-year music student, named Kosaki. She’s a horrible cook, but her love for cooking helps her overcome her lack of self-confidence. And while she’s a bad cook, she’s very sweet and helpful. She improves her cooking skills whenever she’s depressed.

Other anime girls with brown hair include Haruhi. She has pale skin and large brown eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length, but she wears her Hair in a ponytail when she’s not working. The anime series also features a cute maid, Misaki, who works hard to help her family pay off their debts.


Mirai is a bespectacled beauty with a head full of brown hair. She is very beautiful and enjoys writing about bonsai trees, but she is also clumsy and a terrible liar. When she lies, she cleans her glasses and does not look into the eyes of her intended victim.

Mirai was once an experimentation subject for the Hyakuya Sect, which wanted to create weapons of mass destruction. This is something that Guren knows about. Mirai’s parents were killed by the Apocalypse Virus on Christmas, and she became infected when she was a child. She was then forced into a life of self-sufficiency. Despite her shyness, she is a charming character.

Fans of the anime series can also relate to her brown Hair. She is a cute, petite, and talented character. She is an ideal example of an anime character with brown hair. The brown shades she wears contrast beautifully with her silver eyes. Although she is a supporting character in the series, her appearance attracts a lot of fans.

Haruhi has brown hair and pale skin. She has a caring personality. She believes in a peaceful coexistence between humans and yokai. Her hair is usually shoulder-length, but she trimmed it to her waist after she met Kyon. She always wears an orange-yellow headband with ribbons on the side. Haruhi is extremely attractive, and many male students find her attractive.


Naru Kotoishi is a deuteragonist of the anime series Barakamon. She is a young woman with brown Hair and brown eyes from the Goto Islands. Her father is Yuuichirou, and her grandfather is Kousaku. Naru is described as energetic and fun. She has an inquisitive nature and doesn’t respect personal space. She collects weird objects, climbs over walls, and imitates the languages and behaviors of others.

Her hair color is also significant. She has dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length and usually swept into a ponytail when she’s not dancing. She has a pretty personality and is a popular character. She demonstrates a good amount of character development in the series. She overcomes her shyness and becomes a confident person with her feelings. Despite being physically frail, she is optimistic about her future and is kind to everyone she meets.

The series is also unique in its portrayal of Japanese culture. While many anime girls have red hair, Naru has brown. She wears her middle school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, brown loafers, and a grey skirt. Her appearance is typical of an anime girl, but she’s also brave and fearless. In fact, she challenges Kirito to battle in one of her episodes. Another character, Aina, plays a supporting role in the series. She has light brown hair and reddish brown eyes.

Megumi Noda

Megumi Noda has brown eyes and short brown hair. She is a Japanese anime star who plays the piano and is a lover of manga. Her family is involved in seaweed farming, and her parents encouraged her to take lessons. She grew up in the rural countryside of Okawa City, Fukuoka.

Megumi Noda lives with her parents and grandparents. Her English voice actress is Kate Davis, and her Japanese voice actress is Ayako Kawasumi. She is seventeen years old and was born on September 12 (Virgo). She is an outstanding pianist and is also very unpredictable. Despite this, she is loyal to those she loves.

Megumi Noda’s brown hair is a sign of her diversity. She is a talented pianist and has studied the piano for years. She has a strained connection to reality, but she can focus intensely on what she wants. This trait makes her a worthy candidate for a higher position in society.

Megumi has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is very competitive and will sometimes use underhanded tactics to get her way. She was suspended once for carrying a wooden sword in a club, but this does not detract from her kind character. She loves animals and is very compassionate. She once petted the dog of a woman she didn’t know. She later found out that the dog belongs to Ryoshi.

Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki Onodera has brown hair and is a classmate of Raku. She is a sweet girl with chestnut brown eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair. She shows little affection for Raku, but she is interested in his lost locket, and carries the key that he may need to open it. Her mother and sister are both pastry chefs, and she has a different personality than the rest of the family.

Kosaki is popular with the animals around her. She helps care for the pets at her school, including Marika Tachibana’s parrot. She also helps her mother with business. Because of her love of food, Kosaki is often around them. Her favorite food is candied sweet potatoes.

Like her sisters, Onodera has brown hair and big brown eyes. She is also a shy girl with a crush on the main character, Raku Ichijo. Raku is ashamed of his clan, but he plans to make peace with a rival gang.

Kosaki Onodera is one of the few anime characters who has brown hair. Though she lacks confidence around her crush, she becomes more confident. However, she is a terrible cook. She only becomes good at it when she is depressed. As an aside, Kosaki is also an awful cook and increases her cooking skills when she is feeling sad.

Tae Shimura

Tae Shimura is a fictional character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. She has brown hair and blue eyes, and she’s a ninja with a hammer. She is known for her physical strength, and can create a crater with her drop kick and pico-pico hammer. Despite this, Tae is rarely involved in actual combat, and the only major character to face her in combat was Hijikata Toushirou. Most of her combat displays involve her flinging physical abuse on her friends.

In the anime, Tae often dresses in brown outfits. She’s also known for wearing brown shoes, and has brown hair. She’s a bit unkempt, and she’s not very attractive. But, her appearance and personality make her a great candidate for the role of a ninja. She’s a feisty girl, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Tae’s appearance is a bit different from most anime girls with brown hair. She has short brown hair and a ponytail. She’s also short and has brown eyes. She is also a cabaret host at Snack Smile.

Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona is an anime girl with brown hair. She likes beer and has a lot of daddy issues. She’s also a struggling S class mage with a badass fighting style. This character is a good fit for the Twisted Fate series because of her badass attitude.

She’s also pretty and has brown hair, which makes her a great choice for fans of this type of hair color. Her brown hair is a great match for her voluminous figure, which is complemented by her brown outfit. In addition to being a pretty and talented character, Cana is the daughter of famous S-class Fairy Tail wizard Gildarts Clive.

As a second-year student in the anime series, Cana is a friend to Banri Tada, and she used to go to class ahead of him when he was in the hospital. She has short brown hair and blue eyes. In high school, she used to wear her hair in a ponytail. She is talkative and protective of her friends.

The manga adaptation of Cana Alberona is another favorite of the series. She has a curly brown hair and light blue eyes. She lives with her mother and sister. Her parents are pastry chefs, but she has a completely different personality than her mother and sister. She is also a tomboy.