What’s Hot This Year for Brown Girl hair Color

This year, brown hair offers endless styling possibilities – from warm hues like cinnamon and caramel to its more subdued cool tones. Take inspiration from these stunning brunettes and rock your best brown girl hair color ever!

Alison Brie proves the transformative power of balayage highlights to revitalize her dark chocolate locks with just a sprinkle of these shimmery highlights, keeping them healthy with regular conditioning treatments for her brown mane!

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut is the ideal brown shade without too many red tones; its golden and red undertones shimmer when hit by sunlight for an eye-catching, warm, and shimmery hue.

For an effortless style that requires minimal upkeep, choose a chestnut brown balayage style that blends your natural roots with soft highlights. The best of both worlds will come together here – a luxurious brown color combined with naturally lighter blonde highlights for added dimension to your hair!

Ask your stylist for a somber technique if you want to create an autumnal finish with your chestnut brown hue. This color transitions from dark brown at the roots to a reddish tone in its final stages for a stunning autumnal effect.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is one of the most versatile shades, especially for brunettes. It can look rich and warm (as seen here), calm and deep, or somewhere in between, and great with any complexion – especially those with green, hazel, or blue eyes!

Dark chocolate with copper highlights is ideal for those who appreciate warm tones. The coppery tones brighten up a deep chocolate brown shade while drawing out any golden highlights in your skin.

To keep your locks looking luxurious, add some subtle blonde peekaboo streaks at the base of your chocolate brown locks. This subtle way of adding dimension won’t require frequent salon trips and looks fantastic with any length or texture of hair.

Creamy Blonde

Creamy blonde is an eye-catching trend that strikes an ideal balance between cool and warm blonde tones, providing the perfect blend between less harsh than ash blonde and more natural than golden blonde hues. Celebrities like Beyonce, Emma Stone, and Anya Taylor-Joy use this more subtle hue to highlight their features rather than draw attention away from them.

Ask your stylist to add creamy blonde highlights throughout your mane with an artful balayage application to achieve the look. This creates a naturally sun-kissed effect, requiring fewer salon visits than an all-over light blonde hair color change.

Dirty blonde is another option that resembles light brown hues but with earthier undertones like wheat or “dirt.” This earthy shade looks fantastic against medium complexions and can be worn as an all-over blonde shade or as a dark root touch-up shade.

Sandy Brown

Sandy brown is an all-natural nude hue, adding warmth to dark hair while lightening without going too blonde – its lower levels of red make this hue ideal for lightening without turning blonde! Perfect for balayage applications and showing off brunette roots beautifully.

She kept her roots dark while adding pops of light blonde to create an alluring sun-kissed effect in this photo, giving her locks more dimension and making them appear healthier. She styled it into big, voluminous waves to show off its stunning hue for maximum impact.

Light Ash Brown

Light ash brown stands out as an eye-catching brunette shade in natural sunlight, and long-haired ladies can add light ash brown balayage for an eye-catching sun-kissed effect. Furthermore, this hue pairs beautifully with caramel highlights or soft shades like platinum blonde on the ends to complete its development.

If you have naturally dark locks, ask your stylist to tone down the roots with an ash-brown shade that won’t become brassy over time. Plus, this beautiful hue suits any face shape perfectly! Try wearing lighter strands like Jessica Alba does with an ombre for something different.