How to Add Color to Brown Curly Hair

Chestnut Brown

– Chestnut brown hair complements most skin tones.

– Highlight with light caramel or blonde for added depth.

– Consider a chestnut brown balayage for a natural-looking hue.

– Add a vibrant auburn hue for a fiery red look.

Copper Balayage

– Rich copper balayage highlights bring out the beauty of darker locks.

– Warm brown copper balayage highlights provide a natural sun-kissed glow.

– Consider blended balayage with brown copper hair for a stunning look.

Blended Foil Highlights

– Foil highlights create luminous and natural-looking highlights.

– Different patterns and placements yield distinct styles.

– Requires additional maintenance but offers bright and vivid results.

Honey Brown

– Honey brown is perfect for light-skinned brunettes.

– Gives a sun-kissed and radiant look to the complexion.

– Choose chunky or subtle highlights depending on the desired impact.

Dip-Dyed Hair

– Dip dyeing adds vibrant hues to curly brown hair.

– Produces vibrant results in any hue of choice.

– Protect hair with a strand test and suitable products.

Deep Brown

– MAC’s Deep Brown is a dark, warm brown eyeshadow shade.

– Offers a rich and deep color for eyeshadow palettes.

Deep Purple

– Deep Purple is a legendary heavy metal band formed in 1968.

– Their music stays true to its roots while incorporating different genres.

– Achieved critical acclaim and worldwide success.

– The classic lineup included Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, and Ian Paice.