Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Gentlemen prefer blondes, but you can still rock a striking brunette look! Light brown locks with blonde highlights create a more subdued and complete look while providing depth to your locks. Behold the sun-kissed beauty with a shoulder-length lob that features soft brown and blonde hues – an effortless combination that requires less maintenance than dyeing your whole mane a new color! This lovely hue looks incredibly natural while providing less care!


Lowlights can add dimension and an unexpected splash of color that complements any skin tone, making this style an excellent option for brunettes looking to lighten their locks without dyeing their entire mane completely. To achieve the most natural-looking result, select a hue just one or two shades lighter than your base brown hair color. For even greater subtlety in lightening your locks, ask your stylist to use babylights. Always use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner developed explicitly for color-treated hair to keep your new hair color looking its best. Furthermore, avoid heat styling as much as possible, and always use a heat protectant before blow-drying or flat ironing your locks to minimize potential damage.


Ombre is one of the most popular coloring techniques, creating a natural-looking transition of colors from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic. This technique works wonders on any hairstyle and complexion! Brown to blonde ombre offers an earthy, warm style that brings out your eyes. It works on all wavy or straight hair types and even when worn in a messy bun! If you’re a natural blonde, try opting for darker brown roots to facilitate easy regrowth and minimize root retouches. Or go for caramel or honey-toned brown ombre for an eye-catching sun-kissed look that complements all skin tones. If you are you need help determining which shade suits you best, reach out to your stylist, who can assist in finding the ideal shade!


Balayage is a hand-painted technique that produces more natural transitions of color. Your stylist will use customized highlight placement based on your natural hair texture, face shape, and desired style to ensure the most seamless balayage experience possible. Lighter tones are concentrated around the face while darker ones are placed further back for an increasingly gradual look that mimics how sunlight lightens your strands naturally over time – meaning more extended periods between touch-ups than with ombre! Ash blonde balayage on brown hair exudes an effortlessly chic and easy California vibe, best displayed through a layered bob cut with loose waves to show off this hue melange. This balayage look features lighter brown highlights concentrated near the face for an eye-catching sun-bleached effect that will have people turning their heads everywhere you go. Ash brown hair makes for a striking color contrast against caramel highlights for a look that is both warm and cool at once.


The lob is an easy and versatile hairstyle for all face shapes. It is also an excellent way to experiment with fringe without quite jumping to bangs – it can even be styled into an attractive ponytail! The lob can also be worn with side parts or pulled back into a sleek ponytail for ultimate styling versatility. Soft bronde dye adds dimension to this lob, giving it fuller and younger-looking volume. Light balayage highlights frame the face beautifully while complementing her warm skin tone. Brigitte Bardot would approve of this Brigitte Bardot-like lob with wavy curtain bangs, an ideal style choice for embracing the latest choppy bob trend. This layered lob features dark shadow roots with light blonde highlights to give fullness and volume; this style works best on medium to thick hair types.

Ash Brown

Ash brown hair color is an exquisite twist on a classic brunette hue, featuring cool gray tones for an appealing, unique shade that may not yet be ready for platinum blonde. Sometimes referred to as mushroom brown, this trending shade makes a statement and works beautifully on cooler complexions or those who aren’t quite ready for full platinum blonde. Your stylist may use bleach on your current shade for an ash-brown hue. Depending on how dark it starts, it could take multiple coloring sessions before reaching your desired hue. Once you have achieved your ideal ash tone, maintaining it at home requires using blue shampoo and conditioner with excellent blue pigment to avoid brassiness. Consult your stylist on what products will best keep your excellent brown locks looking stunning.