Brown hair With Blond Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a timeless classic look, that never goes out of fashion. From beautifully blended tortoiseshell hues to trendy shades like strawberry blonde, these highlights will surely draw admiring glances. To achieve optimal results, ask your colorist to use double-process to lighten natural brunette hair. This technique protects strands while lifting them to your desired shade and achieves long-term results.


Half-braided hairstyles are an increasingly popular trend and ideal for emphasizing your stunning ombre locks. This boho-chic style works beautifully on any weave, especially those featuring texture like this blonde and black chevelure weave! Be careful when choosing an ombre hue; be sure to divide up colors sharply to avoid too much chaos in its placement! You can try this style with blonde box braids if you are willing to dye them a bright copper-red hue, sure to turn heads at prom or other special events. Take two to five colors from two to five different palettes and combine strands from each into your braids before combing through for maximum impact. Use color highlights on individual strands for additional drama! It makes a stunning statement of personal style.


A classic bob hairstyle can be updated by adding blonde highlights for added dimension and shine! This look works exceptionally well for those with finer locks, as it helps add volume while making the style more versatile.

Chocolate Brown Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights is an eye-catching color choice. The dark brown hue adds depth and richness, while the platinum blonde highlights add lightness and luminosity. This dual-tone style is excellent for creating an eye-catching statement, while proper maintenance with nourishing hair products is critical to maintaining its beauty and integrity.

Another fun and stylish way to style a bob is with feathered texture and blonde highlights, creating an exquisite yet versatile textured bob that works for casual and more formal events.


A voluminous Afro is one of the most flattering styles for African-American women, drawing attention to their curly/kinky pattern of Black hair and making it stand out.

In the 1960s, afros were popular in Black Is Beautiful and Black Power movements to protest the belief that straight hair was considered normal. Notable celebrities, including Jimi Hendrix and Diana Ross, wore this look at that time.

Afros are simple to achieve in any length, but look especially striking when shoulder-length or longer. Highlights in lighter tones of brown and blonde add depth and dimension to an already beautiful color palette, and can even match your natural shade perfectly with more golden hues using free-hand balayage techniques that focus on roots for a streamlined effect. Lighter hues should only be sparingly applied so your root color remains intact, making using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner essential.


Brown to blonde ombre color is an increasingly popular style that will give your brown locks an exciting new look and feel. Although you must tone and touch up your blonde sections every 6-8 weeks, a great stylist should keep their radiant blonde tones looking radiant without any brassiness.

Dark-to-light ombre looks can often be more subtly executed than you realize. Take this beautiful bob, for instance; its rich espresso base gradually fades to reveal a warm marigold blonde hue. Incorporating light ribbon highlights adds dimension and gives this look some visual interest.

If you want a darker ombre to blonde shade, start the transition near your roots for a less dramatic result. Next, mix lightener and bleach mixtures with high saturation levels into lighteners to achieve gradient effects. It is best to consult a professional when doing an ombre style. This requires double process coloring (dying the top section then bleaching/toning the bottom blonde areas), which requires dual approach coloring processes and hand-painting techniques like balayage for natural-looking results.