How to Lighten Brown and Blond Hair

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

– Brown and blonde hair offer endless color possibilities

– Find your ideal shade for an effortless, lived-in style

– Subtle blonde highlights on a chestnut brown bob create a natural and summer-ready look

– Balayage coloring technique adds beautiful blonde highlights with a natural-looking gradient

– Side-swept bangs complete the style and frame your face

– Choose a cool blonde shade that complements your skin tone for intense highlights

– Hydrating products help maintain the vibrancy of the highlights

Brown Hair with Blonde Undercut

– Brown hair with a blonde undercut adds contrast and lightness to any look

– Ideal for brunettes with dark eyes to highlight their features and face

– Properly executed balayage creates a soft transition from natural shade to lighter highlights

– Use hydrating treatments after bleaching to prevent dryness

– Thin blonde highlights blended to a bronde tone are trendy and require minimal upkeep

– Olive complexions benefit from this style, and it works well with long curly locks

Brown Hair with Blonde Streaks

– Add dimension and lighten brown hair with blonde streaks or highlights

– Beige blonde streaks around the face frame look stunning on all hair lengths

– Warm blonde highlights add dimension and warmth without brassiness

– Golden, caramel, and honey-blonde shades work best for this combination

– Golden blonde balayage refreshes dark brown ringlets and spirals, achieving a summery look

– Avoid over-lightening for a natural appearance

Brown hair with Blonde Ombre

– Ombre hue is a revitalizing change for brown hair without going full blonde

– Layered haircuts help lighten the locks and add dimension

– Ideal for naturally dishwater blonde hair to add brightness without complete bleaching

– Vanessa Hudgens embraces her dark-to-blonde ombre hue with pride

– Ash-blonde ombre, transitioning from brown to light blonde, adds dimension and beauty

– Regular maintenance is required to keep the colors vibrant