The Broccoli haircut

If you are looking for a trendy men’s hairstyle that’s both short and stylish, consider the “broccoli” haircut. Similar to a “wet mop,” the broccoli is faded or close cropped on the sides. Despite the controversy surrounding the broccoli haircut, this trendy style is fast becoming a popular choice for men. Despite its popularity, the broccoli style is actually a versatile, moveable style.

The “broccoli” haircut is a popular men’s hair style


The “broccoli haircut” is a ‘wet mop’ style with a long top and closely cropped sides. It has been around for decades and has evolved quite a bit over the years. Gen Z and younger men do not like the side part, which is what made the iced gem a laughing stock a few years ago. It’s a classic style that can still look modern and cool if done correctly.

It’s similar to the “wet mop”


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It’s close cropped or faded on the sides


The ‘broccoli’ haircut is a popular hairstyle for men with long tops and close-cropped sides. It’s been around for decades but has recently gone through a few changes. For starters, Gen Z does not like side parts. If you’re not a fan of the long sides and close-cropped top, consider an undercut. It looks good on straight or curly hair.

It’s moveable


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It’s touchable


This ‘do is long on top and closely cropped at the sides. The ‘do has been around for decades, but has undergone many transformations. Gen Z doesn’t like a side part and has ditched the traditional ‘do. Despite the trend’s negative connotations, this style can be very flattering if done right. Ricky recommends adding a little texturising spray or volumising dust to give your head more height and hold. He also recommends a little colouring to add a touch of drama and movement.