British Shorthair Breeders

Common Breed, Rare in Shelters

British Shorthairs are a popular cat breed but are rarely found in shelters despite being easy to adopt. This is because well-bred British Shorthairs are highly valued, and those who end up in shelters are usually older cats given away by their families.

Active Yet Laid-Back

British Shorthairs love running around in fields and lounging on sofas. They enjoy both your attention and quietly gazing into space.

Plaid Plus Cattery – Brookfield, Connecticut

Plaid Plus Cattery has been breeding British Shorthairs for 15 years, producing healthy and visually stunning cats with beautiful coloring. They make great pets for families with children or seniors. These cats are friendly and enjoy spending time with their owners.

Dedicated to the Breed

Sharon Eisen, a veterinarian, has dedicated her professional life to cat welfare. She established the Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic and wrote a book called “Cat Tales: True Love Stories.” She also educates children on pet care and leads bereavement groups for pets.

The Cat Breeder – Brookfield

The Cat Breeder cultivates Bombay and Burmese cats to top-show quality standards. They have produced award-winning cats and are members of CFA.

Passionate Breeder

Dr. Eisen is well-known in cat breeding circles and has published articles for Cat Fancy magazine. She lives in Brookfield with her husband and three chihuahuas. Her passion lies in breeding Bombay cats.

The Cattery – Brookfield

The Cattery in Brookfield is the place to go if you’re looking for a British Shorthair kitten. They offer loving and affectionate companions with health guarantees and veterinary exams. The cats come in various colors and make great playmates.

Breeding Excellence

This breeder has 15 years of experience and focuses on health and beauty. They do not crate-raise their kittens, resulting in trusting and bonded companions.

Silver Gene Specialization

This cattery located in Northern California specializes in breeding Silver gene British Shorthairs. They have a wide selection of cats and kittens, raising them in stress-free environments.