Brigitte Bardot Hair Accessories Are Making a Comeback

Brigitte Bardot is a style icon known for her sultry look. A trend she initiated with her iconic beehive hair has seen an upswing this year; searches on Pinterest for Bardot-inspired looks have increased by 42%.


This timeless half-up, half-down style features effortless layers of volume with long curtain fringes (commonly known as “Bardot bangs”). To recreate it, begin with a clean blowout and backcomb your locks like never before using a teasing brush – or use an extension comb!

Brigitte Bardot is an unparalleled style icon, and her iconic beehive hair is no exception.

Worn either up or down, this look exudes effortless glamour – perfect for anyone aspiring to channel their inner Brigitte! To recreate her timeless 1960s look, backcomb your locks using a fine-tooth comb before using volumizing powder or spray (such as the TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Volumizing Dry Shampoo) to give structured yet natural-looking volume in style.

Another signature Brigitte look is her classic flirty curtain bangs.

These bangs feature shorter in the front and longer on the sides. This style can be worn wavy or straight and complements all face shapes. For a more modern spin on this style, try adding texture using texturizing spray or root lift powder before finishing the look with an adorable headband or ribbon to give your locks that chic finishing touch.


Twiggy popularized the pixie cut in the 1960s, while Bardot made her version much softer and feminine. Her version often included longer bangs on either side and wider bangs around her forehead to soften its contours. This hairstyle works well on all face shapes; famous faces like Zooey Deschanel and Goldie Hawn have donned this hairstyle without issue.

Bardot made famous her seductive bangs through a half-up ponytail style.

To complete the look, add a bow for extra charm! Alternatively, as Brigitte did, tease your bangs for an irresistibly seductive effect. This hairstyle works well on women with straight or curly/wavy locks; incredibly flattering are women with curls/waves in their locks; straight locks may still try this hairstyle by teasing bangs at the crown and gathering a few strands at the back of your head teasing your charges at the height and gathering some hair strands at the back of the head!

Hair Accessories

If you love the 1960s, you will appreciate this trend making a comeback: hair accessories! These hairpieces can add an iconic look, available in numerous colors and styles, with some even embellished with pearls or flowers for an authentic 1960s vibe.

If your hair is long, try creating the Brigitte Bardot look by adding metal clips in front of your head and clipping a black ribbon around them to achieve volume and fuller volume in your locks.

One way to recreate Brigitte Bardot’s look is to sweep your hair back into a loose bun, creating a feminine and particular occasion-ready style. Bobby pins can help secure and hold it in place; to complete the look, add some freckles as a nod to Bardot’s iconic beauty mark!

Final Words

Bardot distinguished herself from other movie beauties by forgoing plastic surgery; instead, she focused on animal rights activism by founding Fondation Brigitte Bardot in 1973.

Simone de Beauvoir famously celebrated Lolita as “the locomotive of women’s history” in her 1959 essay Lolita, drawing upon existentialist themes to recognize her role as France’s first and most liberated woman.

Bardot remains an icon long after her retirement, both on film and off. Her presence on both screens remains legendary, while her style remains an influential source for celebrities and fashionistas alike. Last year Selena Gomez attended a Rare Beauty event wearing an inspired pouf by Bardot; its voluminous hairstyle perfectly complemented her coquettish skirt-crop top and timeless houndstooth pattern, as well as matching lipstick and eyeliner for an authentic, classic look that was sure to turn heads.