Bright Hair Colours

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim’s bold brights have ignited renewed interest in vibrant hair colors. To give yourself that celebrity look without breaking the bank, try this wallet-friendly semi-permanent formula that lasts up to 30 washes for vibrant hues that pop.

Note that pastel shades won’t appear as vividly on virgin hair, so suggest your clients bleach their blonde locks before dyeing them with soft pastel hues. Suggest colour-preserving hair care products to maintain healthy and vibrant new shades!

Hot Pink

Hot Pink, an exuberant shade of pink that exudes power and sexuality, is the ultimate statement color! A great way to inspire someone just entering an entirely new social scene to show their outgoing side! Give someone special this push towards confidence today by gifting Hot Pink as the ideal hue!


Yellow works beautifully with neutrals, pastels, and saturated neons; however, when worn against black, it truly stands out and makes any outfit or decor piece pop! Manic Panic’s Hot Pink shade features an irresistibly beautiful combination of pink and red tones that shines under UV lighting, making it an excellent way to add flair without going full pink.

Neon Green

Neon green is an eye-catching color that will surely make an impactful statement. Pair it with neutrals such as white, black, or gray for a compelling combination. Or experiment with neon accents and more daring pieces like leather pants or motorcycle jackets for a bolder statement!

Neon Orange

Orange is a vibrant hue that adds energy and vibrancy to any look, especially those with light skin complexions and when worn with long, wavy locks. To keep orange hair vibrant and looking its best, it is important to use shampoo and conditioner tailored explicitly for colored locks. In addition, avoid heat tools, as this could dull down its vibrant appearance.

Neon Yellow

Bright yellow is one of the hottest fashion colors this season, and adding it to your hair is a simple way to add some flair and pops of color to your ensemble. Try temporary chalks and gels for wash-out styles perfect for festivals and raves; otherwise, opt for semi-permanent dye for a longer-lasting color!

Neon Blue

Blue hair can make an eye-catching statement on almost any complexion, as evidenced by singer Katy Perry and rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s iconic styles. For something lighter, pastel blue highlights like those seen on actress Hilary Duff make for stunning oceanic locks.

Neon Purple

Neon purple is an eye-catching hue that adds flair and life to any ensemble. This shade works wonderfully in highlights and all-over color applications; pre-lightened hair looks fantastic with this vibrant shade! To avoid fade-out and maintain shine with bright hues, it is wise to ask your stylist about low-maintenance formulas that help reduce fading while maintaining brightness.

Lavender is a light pastel version of purple that allows blonde or white hair to stand out against it. This soft and feminine shade boasts subtle blue-purple undertones that complement any complexion. Are you feeling adventurous? Experiment with a daring violet shade with plum undertones for something truly eye-catching. This deep, luxurious hue makes a striking statement and pairs perfectly with wavy hair – try styling a topknot to display its beauty!