Bridal Hair Braids

If your bridesmaids prefer something other than the TikTok-famous slicked-back look, this bridal braid with its elegant pink ribbon could be the perfect solution! Perfect for beach or garden-themed events.

Ask your stylist to twirl a loose fishtail around this tight bridal bun for an ultramodern and fashionable style that will be wedding-worthy when styled with an attractive flower crown. This bridesmaid hairstyle makes an impressionful statement.

Braided Bun

A braided bun can make an eye-catching statement about who you are. It is eye-catching and an excellent way to showcase your stunning hair color – and it can easily be worn to formal events!

Achieve this look by creating a ponytail, braiding it, then twisting the end to form either a high or low bun. Before braiding, ensure your hair has been washed and brushed thoroughly. Use a teasing brush or rat tail comb to tease your locks for added volume – this will help make the braids stand out more and appear fuller.

Once styling your hair, use a small spray bottle to wet your locks with water. This will ensure your style holds all day and prevent any flyaways. A styling balm or pomade can polish your braids; add a few bobby pins afterward to secure their position!

Braided Updo

Crown braids with added texture are the ultimate medium-length bridesmaid hairstyle. When blow-drying your locks, use texturizing mousse to incorporate loose curls.

Start by pulling a section of hair in front of one ear. Next, weave back and forth under the middle strand, incorporating outside hair as you twist until reaching your ear – secure ends with a hair tie when finished! Tip: For an upgraded take on this style, add glittering crystal or diamond hair pins to the crown of the braid for added detail and sparkle – this elegant look looks even better when complimented by a delicate lace high-neck gown!

This bridal updo was designed for today’s creative bride. Taking inspiration from classic chignons, it adds height and dimension with an easy braided twist for added size and dimension. A beautiful halo braid around the neck and head adds fairytale bridesmaid looks that pair perfectly with flowy floral gowns.

Braided Fishtail

Fishtail braiding taken to its next level, this style features an elegant pieced-together aesthetic perfect for bridesmaids with long locks. Create a deep side part and section off hair near your face (this will become the base for your braid).

Select two medium-sized strands from heavier sections (Section 1 and Section 2) before crossing these over one another to form the basis of your fishtail braid. Maninno suggests spritzing your locks with KLORANE Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk before styling for extra lift and texture.

Working with second or third-day hair is ideal since it’s easier to hold and manipulate. Once your fishtail is complete, secure it with a hair tie before finishing it with light hairspray for an all-day hold. For a more casual style, loosen its ends gently, providing a more effortless feel in its appearance.

Braided Side Braid

This charming side braid makes an adorable statement at any boho-chic wedding or special event and works exceptionally well if your bangs fall to one side. To achieve this look, thoroughly brush through your locks to eliminate tangles or knots.

Then, select which shoulder you would like your braid to rest upon and take three strands from it out to braid as usual or mix up its style by crossing sections over one another in French or Dutch braid fashion. Once your braid reaches the length you desire, secure it with a hair tie or pull some of its outer sections away from it for a more casual appearance to add texture and movement.

This delicate look combines twists and braids for an eye-catching side braid style, making it ideal for date nights or staying in. To do it yourself, start by parting your hair on the opposite side from where you would like your braid to fall (e.g. if it will go over your right shoulder, part on the left).