5 Less-Is-More Bridal Party Hairstyles

Less-is-more bridesmaid hairstyle trends add sophistication to any wedding day look without overshadowing it. From soft curls and lovely braids, to showoff curls or braided styles that complement any dress and venue, these styles can help complete the ensemble seamlessly.

Pin those ringlets back into a sleek ponytail

That frames your face and pairs nicely with backless dresses, then accent it with a bejeweled hair accessory for extra glam!

Twisted Bun

This elegant bun adds sophistication to a simple messy ponytail and works especially well on bridesmaids with straight hair. Start by texturizing their locks before twisting into a low ponytail secured with pins. Leave some hair loose around the face for framing purposes before finishing this look off with some beautiful hair accessories!

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is an elegant yet versatile style that works for any length or texture of hair. Halo braids or crown braids create romantic styles, while loose twists show off natural beauty while being easy to maintain throughout the day.

A short or shoulder-length bob

Is an effective way to showcase your face frame and add interest to any look. Experiment by playing around with this look by adding slender, bouncing curls or using a hair pin for a more sophisticated finish; further customize this style by creating cute space buns with 90s flair or using big curls to give the impression of thick locks.

Braided Halo

Our braided halo updo for brides and bridesmaids is one of our go-to styles, perfect for summer weddings, casual beach days, or formal events such as galas or black tie events. It can also serve as an eye-catching formal glam updo!

Side Ponytail with a Twist

Ponytails have the perfect blend of flirtiness and elegance that’s ideal for bridesmaids seeking an easy style to complement any dress. Pinning back your locks for face framing effect or leaving loose to add volume is all it takes for this stylish side ponytail to be put together quickly even on hectic mornings!

Note: All of these hairstyles are suitable for different wedding themes and can be enhanced with various hair accessories to add a glamorous touch.