Brian Urlacher’s Hair Loss Lawsuit Filed Against Restore by Katona

If you follow football, you know former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has abundant facial hair. According to court documents, Urlacher has filed suit against a Texas company that uses his likeness in its promotions of its services and uses this as the basis of their case against them.

Houston hair Transplant Center Allegations

According to the lawsuit, Houston Hair Transplant Center allegedly published an unauthorized blog post regarding Urlacher’s hair restoration procedure without his knowledge or consent, leading potential patients to believe he had an affiliation or had received treatment there.

Restore by Katona Overview

Restore by Katona is an award-winning hair restoration service helping men and women from all walks of life restore their hair, from NFL stars like Brian Urlacher to professional salespeople. The company has performed over 20,000 hair restoration procedures since 2012.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique

Follicular unit extraction is an effective and minimally invasive solution for restoring natural hairline and thickening scalps. It requires no downtime and provides faster recovery than traditional hair replacement techniques.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) is an innovative hair restoration method that utilizes platelet-rich plasma to stimulate new hair growth, offering revolutionary relief to those suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. PRP offers superior solutions compared to wigs, hairpieces, and other solutions, with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Houston Hair Transplant Center Description

Houston Hair Transplant Center is an outstanding hair restoration clinic featured on television. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, its surgeons have years of experience and extensive education. They offer quality Houston hair transplant services with personalized treatment plans.

Charles Medical Group

Charles Medical Group is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a hair transplant. Offering several options and tailoring care specifically to each patient, their experienced doctors have received numerous positive reviews. They also provide exceptional care for women and offer mobile clinics for convenience.

Urlacher’s Lawsuit

Brian Urlacher recently made sharp criticisms against former NFL players diagnosed with CTE during a podcast appearance. He is involved in a $125 Million lawsuit filed by his former wife, Tyna Karageorge, over the death of Urlacher’s former husband, Ryan, in December 2016.

Houston Hair Transplant Center Lawsuit

Brian Urlacher is suing Houston Hair Transplant Center for allegedly using his likeness without authorization. This includes an online blog post titled “Brian Urlacher Hair Transplant?” without notifying him or his agent, Restore Hair, who offer similar hair restoration procedures.