Hairstyles for 2019 Females

Braids: A Timeless Protective Style

Braids are an effective protective style that can be worn when you don’t want to wash your hair. Not only do they save time, but they also make you look younger! Try adding a pop of color to your asymmetrical Ghana braids for a unique twist. This trendy look works well with both thick and thin braids.

Senegalese Twists: Easy and Stylish

Senegalese twists, or rope braids, are a simple protective style you can install at home. These twists have a unique yarn-like texture, making them visually exciting and providing maximum coverage. Senegalese twists are a great choice if you want to keep your hair off your face or need a quick styling option. You can wear them in a bun or let them fall naturally on one side. For a seductive look, try styling your Senegalese twists into a bob. This stunning style complements all skin tones and makes a bold statement. When choosing the color, opt for shades that complement your complexion, such as black or brown. Use oil or conditioner regularly to keep your Senegalese twists healthy and moisturized.

Marley Twists: Adding Texture and Style

Marley twists are another excellent option for adding texture to your hair. They are easy to install, blend seamlessly with natural hair, and can be styled in various ways for different effects. One stylish way to wear Marley twists is to create an adorable bun or high ponytail, leaving out a few twists in front for a playful look. Adding accent pieces with color can also make your Marley twists stand out. You can create braids and turn your Marley twists into an eye-catching mohawk for a more daring style. Use quality hair products like gel or pomade to secure the twists and prevent unraveling. Adding beads can also add dimension to your style.

Passion Twists: Effortless Boho Beauty

Passion twists are a beautiful alternative to traditional two-strand twists with a boho aesthetic. Combining elements from goddess locs and Senegalese twists, passion twists create a lightweight, easy-to-maintain style perfect for summer. These twists look tremendous, promote natural hair growth, and prevent breakage, giving your hair a much-needed break from heat styling. Depending on your desired length and fullness, you can choose between micro, midi, or chunky sizes of micro braids. If you’re short on time, consider jumbo braids for quicker installation. A stylish way to wear passion twists is with a side part, which helps balance your facial structure and draws attention to your eyes. Adding fun accessories like scrunchies or headscarves can elevate your style even further.

Nubian Twists: Long Locks with Style

Nubian twists are an ideal protective style for women with long hair. These twists can last up to six weeks and be customized to suit your preferences. They offer a range of style options while protecting your hair from damage. Nubian twists are also great for transitioning from natural hair as they protect growing kinky roots and add femininity and style to your look. One simple way to style Nubian twists is with a side Mohawk. Braiding the twists and adding hair ornaments can provide added variety. For an eye-catching accent, consider adding red highlights to your twists. This will create volume and draw attention to your features. You can also wear your Nubian twists half up and half down for a stylish look at formal events.