Braids For Curly Hair Men

Braids are a popular protective style for men with any hair length and style. Men can effortlessly rock this look, whether it’s simple cornrows or intricate twists. Long braids look best on men with wavy to curly locks at least 3 inches long. This style provides a unique aesthetic and allows the braids to reach their full potential.

Box Braids

Box braids are an iconic hairstyle that can completely transform your appearance. With proper care and maintenance, they can last up to six weeks. Make sure to wrap them every night and moisturize your scalp regularly. You can add vibrant extensions to instantly upgrade your box braids or try faux bob braiding for added length and texture. This style is perfect for those who want to express their creativity through fashion. Adding a chevron pattern can make your box braids more adorable and distinct. It enhances the look, provides protection, and helps retain length.

Side Braids

For shoulder-length or longer hair, a voluminous side braid is an elegant style that frames the face and accentuates your features. You can add texture by incorporating backcombing. Backcombing creates an edgy effect that works well with any hair type or length. Before braiding, use a light hold pomade to add structure and texture. A double Dutch braid can highlight blonde locks, but be cautious as it strains the scalp and could lead to traction alopecia if done incorrectly. Follicle-embellished pigtails can be a stylish option for men with blonde hair, offering an elegant look.

High Fade

High fades combined with curly hair create a contrasting and modern look, drawing attention to the top of the head for added length and focus. This style suits men with rounder face shapes who prefer longer styles like braids. The appropriate height at which the skin fade should end depends on the type you want to wear on top. For example, a comb over with a hard razor part requires a higher fade than a crew cut. Tying your braids into an elegant man bun at the crown of your head can create an eye-catching style that is perfect for any occasion.

Skin Fade

Men with curly hair can achieve a stylish appearance with the skin fade braids style. This hairstyle features a long top with twisted sections and cleanly shaved sides and back for a dapper and attention-grabbing look. It is intricate in its construction. This style is ideal for those with longer and thicker curly locks who want to make their curls appear fuller and more voluminous. Various braid patterns can be incorporated to enhance the style’s versatility.


Cornrows feature a symmetrical grid pattern created with alternating thick and thin braids, offering a sexy and protective style suitable for those with broad foreheads. Adding a central parting gives a feminine effect to this style. Pair it with a high razor fade or shave off both sides to achieve a more masculine look. For those with long hair, adding extensions to cornrows can create a fuller and more elegant appearance. You can elevate this style by accessorizing with gold cuffs or other hair accessories, perfect for a night out and showcasing your taste in jewelry. Blonde cornrows have also become increasingly fashionable, adding a contemporary twist to this classic style.