Braided Styles for Curly hair Men

Braids for curly-haired men are a great way to showcase their texture. These styles not only look chic but also protect and maintain the curls. You can enhance the look by pairing them with a skin fade or adding color.

Side Braids

Side braids are a timeless protective style for curly-haired men. They are flattering, versatile, and can be paired with any haircut or style. Regular washing and moisturizing are the only upkeep required. Box braids or dreadlocks are sophisticated options to consider for an eye-catching style.

Braided Ponytail with a High Fade

A braided ponytail with a high fade is a polished and minimal design. This style adds thickness and volume to your hair while being easy to maintain. To achieve this look, create a low ponytail, Dutch braid each section, and add accessories for extra flair.

French Braids

Braids are a great alternative to ponytails for men with long hair. French braids, bordered by more petite pigtails or in the classic front-to-back style, offer a distinctive change. Try a waterfall braid or customize your braid designs for added volume and texture.

Fishtail Braids

Braids have a rich history and are now famous for men with medium or long hair. Skilled stylists can create various patterns like zigzags or vortex looks. Box braids and cornrows require length, but even short locks can be twisted into braids with the help of light hold pomade.

With these braided styles, men can embrace their natural curls and stand out on any occasion.