Braids For Curly Black hair

a Braided bob can make an eye-catching statement if you prefer the natural look. Try styling this hairstyle in jet black for added effect.

Box Braids

Box braids are a favorite protective style among African-American women. Composed of multiple small sections and intertwined with hair extensions, box braids last weeks with little upkeep required.

Yarn Braids

When adding color to your look, yarn braids are hard to beat. Even two-toned yarn braids make an impressionful statement that will get people talking!

French Braids

French braids are an elegant and chic style that adds sophistication and flair to your look. Perfect for black women with either long or short locks, French braids can transform an ordinary style into something extraordinary.

Coloring Your Braids

Coloring your braids is an easy and stylish way to make them stand out. Choose an accent hue or one that complements your natural hair color for maximum visual appeal.

The Feed-In Method

Alternatively, try the feed-in method for more intricate styling options. This approach involves adding hair extensions to your braids toto give them a fuller and thicker appearance before finishing the look with a side bun.


Cornrows are an increasingly popular braided hairstyle for black women and can be worn in various ways. Most commonly, they pair curly locks for an eye-catching and bold style while embellishing them further by adding beads, embellishments, or dying, giving a splash of color that stands out.


Though “dreadlocks” might connote negative associations, black hair has worn this style for centuries. Dreadlocks are an ancient braiding technique that forms rope-like strands. Furthermore, this ancient symbol symbolizes community spirit and respect for nature.