Trendy Cornrow Hairstyles For Women of Color

Cornrow braids have long been an indispensable choice for women of color. Not only can they protect and secure textured locks, but they can also allow for personalized style customization.

This hairstyle’s beauty lies in its simplicity: two cornrows per side should suffice to frame your face and add an eye-catching accent to any ensemble.

Side Part Cornrows

Cornrows are an easy and low-maintenance protective style suitable for most hair lengths, while also being low maintenance. To reduce breakage, make sure your strands are moisturized before braiding. Use Suave Professionals Avocado Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioning Cream as a leave-in conditioner to strengthen and nourish them and prevent split ends.

Choose side part cornrows braided in French plait style for an elegant look. This intricate braiding technique adds extra detail to your side part cornrows, making them beautiful and timeless.

Alternatively, try the playful pigtail cornrows look. With their youthful appeal that emphasizes your cheekbones and feminine features, pigtail cornrows offer a youthful appeal while adding femininity. Add a fade on top for a dash of drama and achieve an effortlessly glamorous style – an excellent option to wear for special events!

Staggered Pop Smoke Cornrows

Staggered pop smoke cornrows offer a striking look, featuring face-framing braids with a prominent center part. Ideal for medium-length hair, this style can be further customized using beads or braids of different hues as accents.

This protective hairstyle, inspired by late rapper Pop Smoke, can be worn by both women and men. It involves four feed-in braids on either side of the head for added volume and length; its braids typically weave zigzag patterns that can be further embellished with beads or other accessories for additional flair.

Sunburst cornrows are another popular Pop Smoke hairstyle that adds drama and flair to any look. Starting in one spot and braiding outward, sunburst cornrows create an eye-catching sunburst effect with defined braids woven under for added definition. Pair sunburst cornrows with other braids, such as box braids, for an eye-catching style sure to turn heads.

Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are perfect for those who desire an effortless yet low-maintenance style that looks chic and sophisticated. This trending style adds hair extensions directly onto natural strands for additional length and volume without knots.

With feed-in braids, you can create many different designs, such as wearing them in heart shapes for special occasions or weaving them in patterned designs for additional visual interest in your look.

Feed-in braids offer another classic yet chic style: the side ponytail. Add stylish clear beads to your plaits for an eye-catching finish, and angle your braids like Issa Rae does to create an effortlessly elegant face-framing design – or make an updo as Damaris Lewis did with half up, half down styling to achieve a stunning updo.

Colorful Extensions

Add an extra splash of color and create an eye-catching contrast by braiding in some colorful hair extensions into your cornrow style! Doing this can add instantaneous dimension and draw the eye with the striking difference between natural hair texture and artificial extensions.

Maintain the vibrancy of your cornrows by regularly moisturizing them. Use sulfate-free shampoo, a water and oil mixture to wet them, and wear a scarf or bonnet when sleeping to protect them from damage.

Make this fun and chic cornrow look by weaving white, pink, and caramel-colored hair extensions into your cornrows for an eye-catching fusion of colors to attract all sorts of admirers! Add an element of royalty with golden hair cuffs paired with your cornrows – they make for the perfect finishing touch!