Cornrows and Braids Hairstyles

Cornrows and braids are versatile hairstyles that require little upkeep for any special event or special occasion, looking particularly stunning when worn alongside a skin fade.

Blonde Braids

One popular look is a thick jumbo blonde box braid style which can be worn all down or tied up for an eye-catching effect. Medium blonde braids may also be tucked behind the ears or pulled up into an elegant bun for a sophisticated finish.

Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are a protective hairstyle that involves weaving extensions into cornrows with the use of a crochet hook. This technique allows you to boost volume or length in your locks and can even be made out of Marley or regular braiding hair. Beyonce debuted this look in her Lemonade album, combining cornrows and Fulani braids.

Mohawk Braids

For an eye-catching hairstyle that makes an impactful statement, consider the braided mohawk with beads and other artistic details. This style is ideal for medium to thick locks, but thinner locks can still rock this daring look. The middle strands are woven into box braids, while the sides are braided into cornrows. Stretching out the top cornrow creates an attractive pattern to complete the style.

Curled Cornrows

This daring hairstyle features curled cornrows arranged in a row and joined to create a spike effect. It suits any face shape and can be further enhanced with hair accessories. Afro hair owners can also undercut the side and back hair to showcase their beautiful kinks.

Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids are an easy protective style perfect for those seeking extra length and volume in their locks. They can be styled in various ways, from wearing half up and half down to a high ponytail, and are simple to maintain. To achieve this style, start with a cornrow braid and feed in small sections of hair from synthetic or human extensions. Use extensions specifically designed for cornrowing or braiding to achieve the best results.

Side Braids

For an elegant yet feminine style, try braiding small side cornrows around the sides of your head. This style is easy to accomplish and enhances volume in your locks. Leaving some baby hairs loose adds a stylish finishing touch.

Cornrows and Skin Fades

Combining cornrows and skin fades adds contrast and depth to your look, creating an edgier style for natural-haired women. This combination works particularly well for those seeking a more daring look.

Goddess-Inspired Cornrows

Cornrow hairstyles offer options for all hair lengths. One example is goddess-inspired styles with thin cornrows at the back and two thick ones in front. These styles can be completed with an eye-framing crown braid for added drama. Pairing them with hoop earrings adds extra glamour.