Braided to the Scalp Hairstyles

Braids are an elegant protective style that offers relief for kinks, coils, transitioning hair, and relaxed locks from excessive manipulation – while still stylish! Easy to do yourself and lasting up to eight weeks!

Begin by sectioning your hair into three even parts. With one section closest to your face in hand, cross it over the middle strand before repeating this pattern of right over center, left over center as you work towards creating your braid.

Long hair offers endless opportunities for creating unique braided styles. There are everything from slick-backed buns to cascading waterfall braids; Dutch braids, crisscross ponytails, and flower crowns for short or long locks to choose from – these cute braids for long waves make any occasion memorable, from festivals to formal dinners!

This stunning style requires more work than your average braid, but the results make it worthwhile. Start with a regular three-strand braid, adding pinches on each side until reaching the scalp; cross over, down until reaching it, and free-braid until reaching the ends for an attractive result. This look requires plenty of hair, but the effort will certainly pay off with its elegant braid. Reminiscent of Celtic knotwork, it gives off a boho chic aesthetic. For more tips on achieving it, visit Design Everyday.

Braids can add flair to your look and enhance it, no matter your style of haircut – be it a pixie, bob, a short crop, or growing out a short crop. However, before undertaking intricate styles or long-term protective braids, you must consider several important factors, including:

Peek-a-boo braids are an adorable yet effortless style, ideal for anyone wanting to add texture without going full cornrows. For an additional polished touch, apply a small amount of hairspray over each braid so it stays put and stays in its form. This chic look is ideal for special events and nights out on the town. To achieve it, create two center sections of hair and French braid them using elastic bands or hair pins; secure each braid using an elastic band or hairpin and tuck back behind your ears for an elegant and sophisticated finish. If your texture has knots or waves, try thickening spray or lightweight texturizing paste for extra structure and movement in your braids.

Lacy crisscrossed fishtail braids may be necessary if you have medium-length or longer crisscrossednt to keep them out of your face. While they appear tricky initially, their simplicity makes them an ideal style choice for medium-length hair.

To achieve an even and balanced braid, ensure each section is consistent and even. To do this, start by sectioning off a small portion near your hairline and using either fingers or a rat tail comb to form a triangle shape. Next, grab some hair from either side and bring it under the center section – continue this pattern as needed until all three areas have been added together. Repeat this process as you work your way down the braid, adding new pieces of hair to prevent gaps or bald spots in the braid and ensure an even and balanced appearance.

Protective styles such as this braid are great solutions for thick hair. It will keep voluminous curls under control while you work, run errands, and go about your daily activities.

To achieve this look, first section your hair into three equal sections – left, middle, and right. Next, grab a small piece from the side of your head close to your face and bring it under the middle section. Do this until all areas have been completed in the braid.

As an additional way of adding flair and dimension to your braids, pancaked braids offer another decorative option. Pull apart and flatten each of your braids so they become wider; add beads for an attractive and fun look; for additional protection from scalp itchiness, use a mixture of three parts baking soda plus one part water or lavender oil as a spray mist on top of your braids multiple times weekly.