Braided Short Natural Hair Styles

Women with short natural hair often struggle to find suitable protective styles, but with some creativity, it’s possible to rock stunning braided styles all year. Start with cleansing and deep conditioning your hair to prepare it for braiding, as this will protect against strand damage.

1. Braided Mohawk

Braiding taken one step further, this look features a Mohawk with tiny Bantu knots woven through it for an eye-catching and modern style perfect for any special occasion. This braided mohawk adds an eye-catching dimension with its unique ombre effect. Not only will this add bulk, but it will also create a more flattering silhouette for your face shape. Box braids and mohawks make the perfect combination, as this look demonstrates. You can strike an excellent balance between edgy and feminine qualities by tying both the sides and back of your hair into a ponytail. When styling this style,, use a rattail comb and bobby pins to avoid frizzing while sleeping in a satin bonnet or scarf, which can prolong its longevity.

2. Tapered Natural Cut

A tapered cut is ideal for natural hair because it allows your texture to flourish. This adorable style features a full, voluminous bang with defined curls that stand out against its high fade and tight tapered sides. A pop of color adds dimension and visual interest; try incorporating rich cinnamon shades or deep wine hues for an exciting finish! A sharp cut can be an eye-catching and unique look, yet its creation requires little creative flair. Use scissors or clippers to gradually shorten your locks until the nape of your neck before shaving the sides for a clean finish. This versatile style looks great on everyone and can even feature a zigzag pattern for added flair!

3. Box Braids

Box braids are an evergreen classic that works in any season, perfect for updos, buns, pigtails, and faux hawks. Plus, they provide extra protection for natural locks from cold or hot temperatures! Kari Williams, celebrity stylist, and box braid expert, notes that this waist-grazing hairstyle hails from Africa. With proper care and maintenance, box braids can last months; wrapping them at night without over-manipulation will ensure longer-term viability. Ask your stylist to add extra length if you’re considering getting a complete set of box braids. And remember to treat both your braids (and scalp!) every couple of weeks with co-wash or ACV rinse to keep them looking new and vibrant!

4. Twists

Two-strand twists are an easy and protective style option for natural hair that doesn’t require additional extensions to form them, helping lock in moisture while also encouraging growth, reducing breakage, and preventing shrinkage. To achieve this look, begin with clean and prepped hair moisturized with a leave-in conditioner. Detangling is vital as it will create an even base for your twists without matting, and matting occurs more quickly. Next, split your hair into two equal-sized sections and create twists by crossing one over the other until it reaches the ends of your hair. To keep these twists looking soft and neat, add some curl refresher or styling gel into the mix – this helps ensure they won’t frizz out over time!

5. Natural Updo

For an elegant Diva look, this gorgeous style combines a low side bun with puffs and front twists for a sculpted updo that beautifully shows off your natural locks. Perfect for brides or bridesmaids. For those who want a little extra height, a faux hawk with a regal bouffant is an excellent way to add dimension. Tucking under sections helps frame the face, while its polished, refined appearance makes a statement about style and class. Sometimes, all you need is an easy yet gorgeous updo when life gets in the way, significantly when your hair-washing schedule gets compromised. Try this chic style with chained jumbo twists for an eye-catching updo that takes only seconds to create! Perfect for special events or when adding extra flare, this simple yet striking updo adds just the right touch of flair to your look!