Braided Hairstyles For Real Hair

Natural hair needs special care to remain lush and healthy, such as regular moisturizing treatments like shea butter or oil-based formulas. This ensures that the hair remains lush and full of shine. Standard moisturizing therapies are crucial for achieving optimal results.

Twist Braid

A twisted hairstyle looks great on thick and thin locks and can even work for older women. Adding highlights can enhance the dimension and make the look even more flattering. Lengthening the twists can maximize the effect. For even more drama, try Senegalese twisting and add strands in different hues.

French Braid

French braids are timeless and can be worn for any special event or to look your best. They are also one of the easiest braids to achieve. Start by brushing and prepping the hair with a light moisturizer. Divide the hair either down the center or side and divide it into three even sections. Add new strands to the braid in small pieces each time, moving towards the middle.

Dutch Braid

For an eye-catching protective style with flair, try the Dutch braid. Similar to French braiding, Dutch braids cross their strands under instead of over. Combine a bubble ponytail with a Dutch braid for an eye-catching hairstyle for special events or everyday wear.

Interlocking Braid

Goddess braids are an excellent option for protecting and styling natural hair while looking fashionable. They are thicker and more detailed than cornrows and take several hours to install. Regular shampooing and conditioning sessions are necessary for proper care. Tribal braids offer many patterns and sizes, and beaded accessories can add more character.

French Braided Bun

Try this gorgeous look if you’ve mastered the French braid and want to take your style further. Fishtail braiding starts from below the deep side part and incorporates pieces from either side until it reaches the nape of your neck. This style is ideal for hiding second-day strands and is easy to do and take down.

French Braided Twist

Braids are versatile hairstyles that can go from romantic to punk, making a statement about yourself. Create a side parting and use traditional French braiding techniques to achieve a braided ponytail. Each time you cross over a strand from the front, take small sections and incorporate them. Secure the braid with a transparent band at the nape of your neck.

French Braided Updo

Elegant ladies looking to stand out can create trendy styles with a loose French braid. A loose French crown braid can be pulled into an elegant chignon at the back of the head for a stylish updo that looks great even when messy.

French Braided Ponytail

For an elegant braided hairstyle for formal events, begin with a waterfall French braid on top and then weave the rest of the hair into a regular ponytail. Use bobby pins to secure it.

French Braided Updo

Try this elegant but straightforward style to take your braiding one step further. Create a center part and style each side of the hair into fine fishtail braids. Interweave the braids to form one large French braid at the crown.

This protective style is ideal for natural hair that needs an update. It features adorable asymmetrical braids around the head, framing the face beautifully.