Braided Hairstyles For Teens

Braided ponytails are the ideal look for girls with long hair, easy and cute to create – ideal for school and sporting events alike! Colored braids can be an enjoyable way to express their individuality and style, drawing attention to themselves with bright hues that pop. Try it now to make an impression!

Crowned Braids

Crowned braids are an enchanting way to elevate any look. Ideal for special events and everyday wear alike, this charming hairstyle will turn heads wherever it goes. To create this style, take three large sections of hair and braid them from front to back from front of head towards crown using clear elastic mini bands as you continue. When finished, secure with clear elastic mini bands.

Casual braid styles can be made more relaxed by pulling out face framing tendrils and texturizing spray to soften its structure – perfect for sunny days spent out and about! This style is also great for any outdoor events!

Box Braids

Box braids are an ever-classic protective style for teenagers and can last weeks when done properly, providing protection while encouraging natural hair growth. Add an extra pop of color with colorful braiding hair in your kid’s box braids by including unicorn braids made of rainbow colors in his or her usual set of box braids. They’ll certainly get them noticed!

If your teen loves accessorizing, add pearls and hair cuffs to her braided crown for a chic and trendy vibe. Or if she prefers something simpler, wrap her braids into a high bun with some face-framing pieces for an everyday style with pretty everyday style!

French Braids

French braids make the ideal hairstyle to suit both casual and elegant occasions – like church services and birthday parties! Wear it as a small braid, spiral it for a sweetheart-shaped hairdo at the back, knot it around your neck for a more elegant appearance or knot into a bun to complete this stylish style! French braids also lend themselves well as casual hair accessories!

To achieve this look, divide your hair into three sections and begin by crossing one left section over the center segment, adding additional hair as you go. Continue this pattern crossing right and left sections as well until reaching the ends where you can secure them with elastic bands or hair ties and cover any loose baby hairs with bobby pins for an authentic finish.

Twisted Braids

Twists may look “old and bulky” within days, while properly cared-for twists can remain attractive for weeks if properly styled. Make them even more striking by adding pops of color with strands that stand out of a gathered twist style. Solange Knowles made waves when she donned long Havana twists at Roots Picnic 2013, inspiring many black girls to try this protective hairstyle at home. Simply divide your locks into two even sections before twisting each section individually.

Make an impressionful statement with an extra swoon-worthy style by opting for a front bump that elongates and softens prominent facial features, complete with glittery hair clips for extra flair! Your unique ‘do will surely become the talk of the town.

Side Braids

If you want something different from your side braid, try this charming look! Perfect for summer festivals and other special events! For an eye-catching braided look, add twists to the classic side braid. To do so, gather small sections of hair from near the side part away from your face, and add them to either of the rightmost strands before crossing them over onto the middle strands on both sides for an eye-catching and original braided style. Repeat on opposite sides.

If you love the concept of French braids but aren’t ready for one of those complex, full-blown styles, this easy style may be for you. Perfect for an easygoing daytime event and wear well with light dresses, try this lovely French braid!