Braided Hairstyles For Teens

Those of you with long-haired children may be searching for stylish yet practical braided styles for your child to keep her locks out of her way and out of sight. A protective braid style like this one may be just what they need! This protective braid style offers excellent security against messy locks.

Box Braids

Box braids are an enduring protective style with timeless appeal. To achieve the style, start by washing, detangling, and blow-drying your natural hair before parting horizontally to form lines across, with shorter ones going downward before braiding. Add color and flare to your braids by creating knotless styles with vibrant knotless thread or adding hair beads as accents. Wear jumbo box braids as ponytail braids for an eye-catching look!

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are an exquisite way to dress up your hair for special events, whether framing a veil or adding elegance to formal updos. Beginning with a waterfall braid, add another section behind the front strand and cross into the middle to repeat this step until it reaches the back of your head.

Two-Side Braids

The two-side braid style is an adorable look for shorter locks. This style looks cute and helps prevent dandruff by keeping hair close to the scalp and allowing it to remain secure. Create an eye-catching style with more drama by braiding a stitched braid around your head or creating a partial halo look by gathering two sections of front hair together into two separate braids on either side of your head and creating small braids on each side for an eye-catching design. Add small braids for this original touch!

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids offer the ideal solution if you want to experiment with colorful hair without committing to dyeing your natural strands. Lightweight yet available in various hues – they offer just enough vibrancy without damaging natural locks! Pierce and Brown recommend choosing a shade lighter than your hair color to help highlight natural strands and make for an eye-catching look! Plus, this option makes your natural locks pop even further!


Cornrows are flat plaits originating in Africa and the Caribbean that offer low-maintenance styles that look beautiful when worn alone or as the base for other types, such as sew-in extensions and wigs. Try this eye-catching side-swept cornrow braids style that reveals your baby hairs to create an eye-catching framing effect around your face for a bold statement look that stands out. Perfect for teens wanting to stand out, this look will make a bold statement.

Flat Twists

Flat twists, more commonly referred to as flat-twist-out or braid-out styles, are protective styles designed to stretch, define, and protect natural hair. This look can be worn in various regards, from pigtails to chic chignons. Start this look by creating a center part and working on each section individually. Add plastic hair beads for an eye-catching finish!

Braided Buns

If your teenage daughter wants a unique way of wearing her hair up for an important event, consider this braided bun hair idea with its bold braids that come together into a high jumbo bun. It features stylish braids with intricate patterns and vivid hues, creating an impressive statement look! To achieve this look, backcomb the crown of her head using a teasing brush or rat tail comb, back-teasing her hair to stand out and add volume. Tease any areas where necessary.

Senegalese Twists

Thin rope twists, or Senegalese twists, offer a great protective style with chic appeal. Try them in an understated half ponytail for an easy yet stylish look. For a dramatic look, try ombre Senegalese twists. Start by applying natural shades at the roots before layering on bright hues towards the ends for added drama. Medium Senegalese twists are among the easiest to work into updo styles. Pull them up into an elegant bun for special events.

Crochet Passion Twists

Crochet passion twists offer a delicate, feminine style ideal for teenage girls. Additionally, these braids take less time and effort to install. Boho Babe recommends freetress water wave or bohemian when selecting hair textures for crochet passion twists to reduce breakage. Smoother surfaces work best.

Jumbo Twists

Jumbo twists are an ideal protective style for teens and can be styled in various ways, such as falling backward or creating upfront buns. Add plastic hair beads for an even more dramatic fashion; Gabrielle Union made this trend prevalent at the 2016 BET Awards with jumbo Senegalese twists featuring side swoops and plastic beads to complete her dramatic look.