Braided Hairstyles For Black Hair

Braids are an excellent solution for black hair because they keep it neat and secure while aiding with long natural growth and helping prevent breakage.

Styles featuring braided hairstyles for black hair, such as cornrows, afro puffs, and mohawks, can make for stunning braided styles that stand out.

Or try something fun, like mixing two braids updos.

Box Braids

Box braids are an easy and stylish protective style for black hair that promotes healthy growth.

Crafted with synthetic material, box braids come in various lengths and styles.

Long, jumbo box braids make a bold statement and may require you to exercise those neck muscles!

This look is ideal for spring and summer when you want your hair off your neck. Additionally, this look works well at any special event. Just add accent pieces of jewelry for an eye-catching touch!

To keep your braids looking healthy and shiny, regularly using a hydrator will be crucial. Hydrators help remove product build-up while preventing matting. It is best to opt for water-based solutions for optimal results, as this reduces dryness.

Goddess Braids

Goddess braids offer a sophisticated yet simple hairstyle for black women who seek something chic yet simple.

Featuring large knotless box braids in the center with thin racing parting braids on either side resembling mohawks, you can add dimension by curling or waving your locks for desired texture. This look looks incredibly flattering on women with natural waves or curls in their locks.

Adding color to goddess braids makes them even more eye-catching and suitable for many events. They can last several weeks with proper maintenance. A hairspray designed specifically for braided styles or light oil can help preserve this look for weeks on end. Be sure to wrap and moisturize them every night, preventing keeping them from looking lush. Rekeepingr deep conditioner treatments will protect them against dryness and breakage.


Cornrows have long been used as protective styles yet can also make for an elegant style choice for black women.

Cornrows are known for their incredible versatility and design flexibility. Even Boity Thulo loves her cornrows!

Both men and women can wear cornrows and often be found at red-carpet events. Cornrows provide an exciting option to those seeking something different, not to mention their rich cultural history as a form of resistance against racial discrimination.


Dreadlocks are an attractive protective style for textured hair that provides relief from manipulation while also encouraging healthy growth.

Not only are dreadlocks great at protecting our kinks, coils, and transitioning locks from over-manipulation, but they also allow us to be creative when braiding looks!

Locks can form on any texture if allowed to grow naturally, but curly or kinky hair tends to create waves more readily than others. Like how coiled cords quickly become knotted and tangled, curly or kinky locks tend to form tight coils of tightly wound and interlocked strands, eventually joining into an indelible bond of tightly wound strands that form locks.

There are various techniques for starting dreadlocks, with the optimal method depending on your hair type and lifestyle. Keep in mind that your dreadlocks require regular maintenance to remain separate. Using a beaded dreadlock tam is one effective solution available online or from many local beauty shops that can help with this.