Braided Bun Hairstyles

Braids are an easy and chic way to add flair and style. Perfect for special events or simply low-maintenance types, braided buns make an elegant yet effortless statement! Create an effortlessly stylish look by creating boxer braids, teasing them out, and wrapping them into a high or low bun with bobby pins. Finish it off by applying a light spray of hairspray for an eye-catching finished result.

Feed In Braids

Feed-in braids are incredibly versatile, enabling you to create edgy, cool, super cute, and girly styles. Furthermore, they can add length and volume to your locks! Stylists created this look by styling a full updo and securing it with several tiny braids in pinks and purples for an eye-catching touch! These unique details make an unforgettable statement piece! Try this style for any special event; it’s effortless yet feminine! Use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup and prevent tangles.

Red Braided Bun

Adding two braids can make A classic bun hairstyle even more elegant. With their shiny and vibrant shine, these beautiful knotless box braids create an eye-catching style perfect for professional black women attending formal events. This style is ideal for girls’ night out, cocktail parties, or any special occasion. You can achieve this look using any braid – French, fishtail, Dutch plait cornrow braids, or even dreadlocks! Every braid bun hairstyle offers something charming; ensure your locks reach the nape of your neck to complete this style efficiently! These styles are also effortless to create! The only requirement is having long enough waves to reach this length.

Sleek Double Braided Bun

This braided bun hairstyle is a protective style that looks chic and beautiful on women of all face shapes and can even make for an excellent option at formal events such as proms or weddings. Start with a knotless box braid at your crown, add texturizer, and style it into a ponytail for an everyday casual look, or add accessories and trendy ornaments for more of an eye-catching statement look. If you have long hair, try adding an elegant, low, sleek side bun for an added princess-like effect; it works particularly well on round and oval face shapes.

Grey Braided Bun

Adding color to your braided bun hairstyle can create fun and exciting elements. Try out different accessories like scarves or headbands to give it that added pop of vibrance! Assembling a braided bun requires starting with clean, dry hair – a detangler or styling spray can help with flyaway strands that might otherwise get in your way. Create this space bun hairstyle by pulling your box braids into two low buns and pinning them securely. Sure to turn heads at brunch dates or beach days alike!

Sleek Side Fringe Braided Bun

One of the best hairstyles for casual dating is a side braid adorned with flowers or other pretty decorations, like Selena’s low bun featuring delicate tendrils of pink flowers for an irresistibly romantic finish. Long bobs with choppy side bangs are sleek and suit any face shape. Not only can they slim down cheeks and enhance features like your cute chin and graceful neck, but they can also reduce cheek size by visually slimming the face shape further. To re-create this hairstyle, start with a side ponytail and French braid each side until reaching the nape of your neck. Finally, combine all strands and pin them into place to form a twisted bun.

Messy Top Knot

If you want to add some fun and playfulness to your look, try this charming, messy top knot hairstyle. The casual hairdo will show off your fresh complexion and impressive cheekbones while giving an impression of youth. Add flair by dyeing one section or pulling out wispy strands framing your face for added dimension. To achieve this textured and stunning look, use several styling products such as serums, balms, and hairspray. Finish the look off with some bobby pins to hold the bun in place while smoothing away any potential bumps or flyaways – perfect for date night or any special event!