Braided hair Updos For Brides-To-Be

Loose Updos

This style offers a loose updo that looks chic and put-together – perfect for evening events.

A simple chignon with face frame curls and some loose locks left out can create a romantic, flirty appeal suitable for a date.

Medium to long locks with some natural volume but not too thick are best suited to this look; thin strands may require volumizing products.

This romantic updo features small braids woven through the base of a messy bun for extra flair, making this style suitable for bridesmaids or other formal events.

Easy to achieve on any length of hair but works particularly well on long swoopy bangs; for added volume, add some dry texturizing spray or volumizing mousse before styling.

Adding fresh or faux leaves into a messy updo can instantly elevate its style.

Braided Updos

Braided updos may require professional assistance, yet they still make for an elegant addition to everyday looks without losing the length or volume of your locks.

Make an impression at any formal event with an elegant updo that sexily blends sexy with sophistication: try this intricate look.

The ribbon halo braid is another beautiful idea for an updo braid look that will capture all your eyes.

This braided updo is one of the most beloved styles on the Internet, and it’s clear why: this look combines two braided styles into an impressive hairstyle for women with long and thicker locks.

A side braid with a bun is another simple yet stunning updo braid idea perfect for casual or formal events.

Side Lacy Braids

Use this elegant lace-inspired braid to easily add edge and sophistication to any formal occasion.

Try using your fingers to highlight certain braid strands to create an intricate and detailed braid look.

Lace braids are an elegant way to elevate any ensemble and are especially well-suited to black women who enjoy wearing their hair up for special events.

Sleek Updos

A classic sleek updo is an elegant and simple style that can add sophistication and refinement to your look.

Sleek updos can also help bring out your eyes, especially if your lashes are dark and have long extensions.

If your short strands need a little texture in an updo, try twisting some loose ends loosely behind your chignon for added character and fun!

Fine strands may seem challenging to manage, but with some creativity, you can achieve incredible updos with everyone asking where you got them from!

Curly Updos

Curly updos allow you to highlight your natural volume and texture while remaining put together.

This gorgeously glamorous style is ideal for prom or any special event.

One of the most effortless updos for curly hair, this style is an attractive way to show off natural curls.

This stunning take on post-World War II style, known as victory rolls, will turn heads!

This lovely updo for prom features tight yet subtle braid accents in the center of your crown for added sophistication and looks fantastic with any formal evening gown.

Add some flair and depth to your regular ponytail with this stunning style!