Braid Locs Styles

Locs are an ideal hairstyle to take with you to almost every event and occasion. Easy to manage and stylish in any climate, they can be styled into braids, twists, updos, and more for an eye-catching look – add beads for an even more significant impact.

Boho locs offer an aesthetic with spiritual overtones while protecting and low-manipulating hair so your locks remain strong and moisturized.

Free-flowing dreadlocks

Freeform dreadlocks are an innovative protective hairstyle that requires time and no product to form. The formation process may take as much as two years. This style is ideal for individuals seeking an easy-care look that highlights their natural hair texture. Add color for added dimension. Wear this style with a fedora for a striking ensemble! When creating this style, you can begin with your own natural dreads, or pre-formed locs from a hair vendor. Once created, use the 2-strand twist technique to braid them together before starting shaping and adding new hair as you go – you could even retwist for an alternative look!

Low Ponytail

The low ponytail is ideal for those with full heads of locs who don’t wish to risk straining their neck by balancing it in a high-top knot or pulled-back bun. This works for men and women alike with all kinds of locks, from classic dreadlocks to hipster-inspired crops. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail and securing it with an elastic for this look. Next, wrap a small section of locs around the base of your ponytail to conceal any elastic. Finally, loosen a few strands for a more voluminous finish. Put an updated twist on your dreadlocks with this stylish, textural style that will turn heads. Marley twists, or any two-strand braid kind that adds thickness, are ideal, while light blonde strands will highlight their locks for added dimension.

Wrapped locs

Wrapped locs are an effective way of keeping shorter locs looking neat and tidy. Water wave locs work exceptionally well as their fuzzy surface improves with age; additionally, this style also prevents fraying of hair ends if retightened too often. Gather your locs into a low ponytail and secure them with an elastic hair tie to create this style. Next, wrap them around the base of the ponytail to form a more structured bun than traditional space buns – this look looks particularly striking when worn alongside low double buns! This style is ideal for anyone who likes the look of locs but is looking for an easy solution without making a permanent commitment. Faux can help achieve this look, which lasts up to six weeks before needing replacement.

Slicked-back locs

Whether you have spent years growing out your locs or just tried them as a protective style this summer, there are many different ways they can be worn. One excellent option is styling them like a slicked-back bob cut. This look works particularly well for more formal events while still being casual enough for everyday wear. To add more depth and dimension to the style,, layering your locs! Example: Pair high double buns with a taper fade on both the sides and back of your head, then add two symmetrical curved lines for a face-framing effect. Or try pairing long locs with a low ponytail for an elegant and streamlined appearance.

If you want a chic yet natural hairstyle, consider wick locs – named for candle wicks – which feature thick dreads with four to 10 strands long enough to touch your chin. Wear it alongside an unblemished face and bold lips to complete this look.