Protective Box Braid Hairstyles Black Women Can Rock

Box braids have quickly become one of the most sought-after protective hairstyles, and for good reason.

There’s a style out there to suit every preference; whether side-swept and sleek, high ponytail or even beaded, there’s sure to be one perfect for you.

Colored braids are an easy and stylish way to elevate this timeless classic look. Choose a gold shade that complements your skin tone, or go bold with purple braids for maximum impact!

1. Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail braid is an exquisite style that combines sophistication and texture. It allows you to display your luscious locks while keeping them out of the way.

An elegant hairstyle suitable for special events, the half updo can highlight your neck and facial features while showing them off to their full potential. It works beautifully on different textures, including curly or kinky locks. Plus, its maintenance requires only simple products!

2. Janet Jackson’s Braids

Individual braids are an easy and stress-free way to add some color and personality to a protective style. They make for an excellent way of showing off who you are!

Janet Jackson first made this trend iconic with her film “Poetic Justice,” in which she played hairdresser Justice opposite Tupac and other unpredictable characters, generating widespread interest in thick box braids.

3. Winnie Harlow Braids

Winnie Harlow recently made history when she became Paul Mitchell’s inaugural global ambassador. She showcases her natural tresses with braid styles ranging from breeze-blown lengths and braid loops to two-braided styles that look and feel empowering.

Harlow’s luxurious locks will turn heads this holiday season! She features half-done twists and box braids with playful front wisps to complete her look.

4. High Bun

Try this style if you want a fantastic way to show off your braids! It incorporates shape, color, and creative parting for maximum impact. Your braids will pop!

Pin long, thin box braids into a space bun at the crown of your head for an effortless braided look ready for anything. Finish it off with a scarf for added dimension!

5. Dual-Toned Braids

Knotless braids can be an effective protective style to combat traction alopecia. They are less tight on both your scalp and hair, which means less strain is put on them and you as they hold onto both.

Add color and character to your hair by mixing multiple hues into it – purple is an excellent option as it complements all skin tones perfectly! For an unforgettable look, add multicolored streaks.

This style is ideal for minimalists because of its sleek simplicity and elegant appearance. The thick knotless braids create an eye-catching pattern.

6. Braided Mohawk

This striking style suits all skin tones, incorporating various colors of braids to form an eye-catching braided mohawk that turns heads at formal events.

Smaller box braids can be used to craft an elegant and voluminous mohawk using smaller braids, providing a fantastic solution for anyone wanting to try a mohawk without their locks becoming too heavy. This method makes a perfect alternative to experiment with this look with little commitment!

7. Shoulder-Grazing Bob

Box braids in a bob look elegant and sophisticated. This style is also easy to wear and can be enhanced further with flashy gold beads to add a glitzy edge.

Alicia Keys has become famous for her bold textured French braids that add dimension and dimension. These shoulder-grazing length braids look beautiful all year long; dress them up even further by adding a headwrap or scarf!

8. Colored Braiding Hair

Box braids are an effective protective style that typically lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate and the tightness of the braids. To extend their longevity further, however, you may require professional redo services after this time frame has passed.

Play a dark and bold color scheme with your braids – for instance, black and grey or burgundy and pastel maroon are two fantastic choices – to achieve an intense yet sensual look. This look will leave you feeling both powerful and attractive.

9. Braided Bun

When going for a more polished look, try pulling your braids up into a high ponytail and using a rat tail comb or teasing brush to add volume at the crown of your head by teasing them outward.

Add a pop of color with crochet hair in bright neon blue. Pair it with a sleek center part, and you will surely capture everyone’s attention!

10. High Ponytail

Joan Smalls made waves with this timeless style; its simple ponytail hairstyle will leave you feeling royal and elegant. Joan Smalls’ iconic high ponytail with braided bangs embodies sophistication and class.

Jumbo braids provide an alternative to the more commonly seen box braid, creating an eye-catching and detailed style that can be styled into either a low or high ponytail style. Shay Mitchell famously displayed this look by sporting her signature jumbo ponytail to add volume and dimension.