Braid Hairstyle Names For 2010

Bohemian Bob Braids

Bohemian bob braids are an easy and stylish way to elevate any look. This style can be worn with various hair accessories for maximum impact. Play around with colors to make the braids more noticeable. One variation is adding vibrant hues with dye or non-damaging color hair wax, matching the skin tone. Another variation is having fewer braids and more curls, known as Gypsy braids or Goddess braids, with tribal or wild aesthetics. Beads or charms can add artistic flair.

Asymmetrical Bob Braids

Asymmetrical bob braids are a trendy way to show off your style. It adds layers for volume and definition to curly hair. The asymmetry can be highlighted with tiny wooden beads for an ornamental charm. Box braids combined with curls give an asymmetrical bob extra dimension and flair. It resembles Jada Pinkett Smith’s style from The Nutty Professor.

Two-Toned Bob Braids

Two-toned bob braids feature intricately braided sections with vibrant burgundy accents. It stands out against deeper skin tones. Another option is blending the natural hair color with colored extensions for a two-toned effect. It works well if you need more confidence in dyeing your hair. Braids can also be styled into an ombre pattern for added depth. Wooden beads complement this style for an eye-catching half-up/half-down look.

Golden Caramel Bob Braids

Golden caramel bob braids add subtle pops of color to the style. The braids have an ombre effect, which looks fantastic regardless of natural hair color. Bolder highlights and colorful beads can be added for an eye-catching and playful appearance. A darling stacked bob with a middle part is perfect for summertime. Purple hues combined with golden brown create a beautiful ombre effect that complements the skin tone.

Orange Bob Braids

Orange bob braids are bold, eye-catching, and flatter most skin tones. This medium-length style frames the face beautifully. The two-layer braids with an eye-catching pattern are perfect for school or nightclub use. It is also suitable for girls with sensitive scalps. A unique twist on the classic big box braid is raising half of the braids while leaving another part tumbling freely down. This technique showcases personality while remaining comfortable to wear.