Braid hair Styles For Women

Braids are an elegant way to showcase your feminine side. From classy chunky box braids to crown braid updos inspired by tiaras, there are numerous braided options that allow you to express your femininity through braids.

Alternating Thick and Thin Ghana Braids

Alternating thick and thin Ghana braids creates an eye-catching style. Varying braid sizes adds an eye-catching splash of color that makes your style even more vibrant and eye-catching.

Get a Trim

No matter your hair style – from two-strand twists and color-pops to protective styles such as box braids which require additional maintenance – getting a trim is always a smart move. A trim will remove split ends while maintaining healthy, shiny locks – particularly important if you opt for protective styles like box braids that require more effort to keep in place.

Try Something Bold

Trying something bold? Add highlights or try switching up your look altogether by trying something like blue shade – this will not only make your braids pop in pictures but will make any other dyed and colored hair even more vibrant and eye-catching.

Add Beads to Your Braids

Add beads to your braids for an exciting pop of color and glam look! Saweetie’s butt-length jumbo feed-in braids feature clear beads which add an eye-catching finish, perfect for making her braids shine with each section fed through her butt. Alternatively, try threading colorful extensions into them for similar results.

Get a Dry Shampoo

At times, full washing simply isn’t possible. Whether you’re running late for an important meeting, texting with friends all night long and missing bedtime, or you accidentally hit the snooze button too many times, having products to help keep greasy locks at bay until your next shower can help. Dry shampoo is a powdered formulation that absorbs oil from your scalp, leaving your locks fresh and clean–no greasy roots!

Get a Scalp Moisturizer

A dry scalp can make styling hair difficult and even lead to brittleness and lackluster locks, but there are solutions for this condition. Mahisha advises seeking moisturizers formulated with oat lipids, jojoba oil, chamomile, or lavender which nourish the skin directly while also limiting heat exposure through blow dryers, heat styling tools with high temperatures, or attachments like the Gentle Air Dyson to limit how much heat is exposed by using them as part of their regimen.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

Braided hairstyles are an easy and elegant way to protect and enhance the beauty of your strands, no matter your styling preferences. Combine various braid sizes and lengths for an array of stunning looks. Cornrows are classic, but you can add your own spin by braiding in a circle pattern or using various widths of braid. Nubian twist, also known as an inverted French braid, is another protective style to help shield your strands. While traditional French braids add new strands over existing ones, Nubian twists place new ones under each existing one instead. This layered style is an ideal way to incorporate color into braided hairstyles without going overboard with their boldness. Wear this look in the back, tied into a ponytail, or pulled through as a side pull-through braid – to do this, create two high ponytails and then pull the left one through to meet up with its counterpart on either side – then complete a pull-through braid by weaving one ponytail through another high ponytail! To do a pull-through braid this way.