Boys Short Haircuts 2020

Boys can choose between classic or trendy short haircuts for 2020. These hairstyles can be styled with holding gel or pomade to complete the look for school and special events.

Disconnected Comb-Over with Hard Fade

Boys with short hair can still look dapper with a disconnected comb-over haircut. This style features a hard fade and brushed forward crop, adding definition and length. It’s an excellent option for boys who want to grow out their hair while adding structure and depth gradually.

Textured Crop

The textured crop haircut is perfect for kids who love sporting short hair designs. It has a textured top and a low or mid-skin fade, creating a stylish and fun look suitable for boys of all ages. This haircut will make them feel calm in school!

Classic Crew Cut

A classic crew cut is a fantastic option for boys. It features a trendy fringe that seamlessly integrates into shaved sides and back. This haircut is one of the most desirable short boys and can easily be paired with simple hair designs. It’s also a great choice to match fashion sensibility or school dress code rules.

High Skin Fade

The high skin fade haircut is a popular choice for boys. It highlights the top hair while remaining easy to style. This haircut combines short underside layers with longer lengths on top, which can be styled back using pomade or hair gel. It looks great with all hair styles and types, with significantly finer or thinner locks.

Sleek Comb Over Cut

Another way to highlight the top hair is with a sleek comb overcut. This stylish style can be done with a low or medium fade, adding volume for boys who want a fuller look. It can be paired with side fringes or waves for an attractive combination.

Pompadour with Modern Fade and Side Part

This style combines a pompadour haircut with a modern fade and side part. It’s a unique and versatile style that can be worn slicked back for casual looks or styled forward for formal events. Perfect for boys with thick textured hair, it can be combined with different styling products for different looks.

Textured Faux Hawk Fade

Faux hawk or quiff haircuts are excellent choices for boys with longer locks. This style features a fade around the sides and back of the head, with a strip on top that can be styled into upward spikes. It gives older boys a more mature and formal look than side-swept or modern comb-over styles.

Textured Faux Hawk with Short Fade

This textured faux hawk style has a short fade that wraps around the ears, followed by long spiky locks on top. It’s reminiscent of Zac Efron’s signature style and is an excellent statement for boys with blonde hair.

Faux Hawk with High Skin Fade

This faux hawk has a high skin fade with thick spiky hair on top for an eye-catching and masculine style. It’s perfect for boys with curly or wavy locks, adding extra texture and volume.

Medium Length Haircut

If your son has long hair you don’t want to cut too short, this medium-length style could be ideal. It features a fade haircut with side-parted styling for maximum length at the top. You can comb it over for easy care or wear it in a pompadour for height and style.

Fade Haircut with Parallel Lines

If you want a hair design that will turn heads, ask for this fade haircut featuring two parallel lines shaved into either side. This style gradually tapers down from its peak at the sides and back while keeping enough length in the top for a swept-back style with short bangs. It works great on all hair types and is particularly beneficial for boys with thick locks as it reduces volume and weight.

Medium Length Haircuts

Medium-length haircuts for boys offer plenty of styles, from trendy quiffs to elegant pompadours or even textured crops. This timeless look never goes out of fashion and makes an excellent low-maintenance choice.