boys short hair cuts

Boys short hair cuts can be layered or clean-cut and should fall neatly around the ears. The top portion of the hair should be shorter than the sides. Use a comb or scissors to separate the hair and create a blend. For boys, a finger technique is a great way to determine how much length should be left at the top. This style doesn’t require layering and looks great when it’s loose and messy.

Boys short hair cuts come in a variety of styles. The most popular of these is a faded side, with long bangs. These short haircuts are perfect for boys with thick, natural waves. They are clean and sport faded sides and a cool forehead. To achieve the best look, try to cut the sides and top a couple of inches apart and blend them together using a comb or scissors. Alternatively, you can let the hair hang loose or use a thicker gel to spike it up.