Cool Boys Short hair Cuts

A modern quiff style is a fantastic solution for those with textured hair. This trendy trend features faded sides and longer lengths on top for a maintenance style that works on various hair types.

A high fade with a quiff is an eye-catching hairstyle ideal for formal events. This look requires medium-length hair on top that can be styled into an effortlessly casual yet structured quiff that can be styled sideways and backward for added flair. It pairs well with virtually every outfit and is an excellent option for boys with beards or mustaches.

If your boy has long, textured hair and wants something different and hip, consider this variation of the Caesar cut. This style leaves plenty of length on top while seamlessly incorporating low or high taper fades on the sides and back for an outstanding finish. It works well with all facial structures and can be styled with a messy finish using salt spray or clay.

Modern mohawk fades are an excellent way for boys to express their rebelliousness. This bold and masculine hairstyle pairs nicely with beards and looks especially striking with light contrasting colors. It’s ideal for boys with thin hair and can be styled into a spiky or natural-looking texture with minimal maintenance.

A side quiff with mid fade is an appealing hairstyle for boys looking to express themselves through their style choices. It features a high and low fade, with long locks on top that can be styled back or forward. Perfect for boys with curly or wavy locks.

A short textured haircut is a simple style that makes boys look their best. It features a side fade and longer top layers left for a quiff. It can be easily styled with matte clay or pomade for maximum style and versatility. It works well for boys with wavy or curly locks and can be a low-maintenance style for any occasion.

Caesar cuts are another classic hairstyle that looks fantastic on boys. They have a sleek appearance that’s great for school and sports activities. They pair beautifully with high fades for an edgier style. Texture or complex parts can be added for an even more impactful manner.