Shaved Haircuts For Boys With Long Hair

If your little boy has long hair, you must ensure it is suitable for school. Several fabulous styles still meet school guidelines.

One classic option for school-appropriate hairstyles is a side-parted quiff fade. This classic yet fashionable style creates an impressively stylish look, and will meet most school dress codes.

High and Tight

If you want a super short hairstyle that requires minimal styling, the high and tight haircut may be for you. Inspired by military styles, this tall and fast cut features short sides and back shaving with fades into slightly longer locks on top to achieve a sleek, military look ideal for men with straight or thick locks. Ask your barber for a low skin fades on the sides and back for this relaxed cut, followed by a length between zero to four inches on top for this unique cut.

Military members have long worn the classic high and tight cut, becoming more fashionable these days. Easy to maintain, your barber can shave off just the sides before leaving an inch at the top for shaping into quiffs or more subtle comb-over styles – perfect when paired with beard or stubble for added texture that turns heads! This minimalist cut makes a statement.

Undercut Fade with a Hard Part

This taper fades with a hard part haircut for boys and offers a modern and fresh take on an iconic hairstyle, complete with defined lines shaved into their locks to give a neater appearance and create an exciting design element. Pomade can easily style this haircut for boys to look fashionable!

Long locks on top add texture and volume to this timeless formal style, ideal for formal events. Comb over, slick back, or brush into an eye-catching pompadour; use quality pomade to keep the style secure all day long.

A mid-fade undercut with a hard part is the ideal hairstyle for thicker hair types. This feature balances out thickness by evenly distributing weight across both sides and can easily be styled using matte pomades such as STMNT Classic Pomade ($25). Furthermore, this haircut makes a modern upgrade on traditional crew cuts for boys who wish to switch things up a bit!


Quiffs may seem similar to pompadours at first glance, but they each have something distinctive. While pompadours tend to be top-heavy in appearance, the quiff is much more subdued and can be worn in various styles, making this variation suitable for boys who want a dapper look for both formal and casual events.

This look is easy: allow his top hair to grow longer while trimming his sides to a number 1 style. Comb back his top layer for a textured finish that will look stylish!

This style draws some inspiration from Danny Zucco from Grease. While this quiff may be more sophisticated and grown-up than others on this list, its unique aesthetic will catch people’s eye.

Brush Cut

When your boy has long hair, you may worry about finding an appropriate style for school. An induction cut may provide the solution: all sides and back of the head shaved off while leaving short trimmed strands at the top for styling experimentation while still looking neat for school.

Another classic boy haircut option is a layered haircut with side swept bang. This will create a facial framing style with a balanced texture easily managed using light wax in his locks.

If you want your boy to stay ahead of fashion, a Caesar cut could be just the thing. This marvelous hairstyle for boys has become increasingly popular due to its versatile nature, providing complete control over one’s appearance while leaving room for creative texturing experiments. Its trendy lines and designs on either side make make a statement of modernity!