How to Style a Boy Shaggy Haircut

Shaggy hair doesn’t need to be wild and messy – it looks stunning when slicked back neatly and can make an excellent addition to formal events or school presentations. Boys with medium-length locks can sport this casual, shaggy cut, perfect for showing their individuality without becoming overly messy.


A bob haircut can be an excellent option for boys with long hair. It adds some height through the crown while remaining modern-looking. But it can also work well on shorter styles; curlier or wavier locks may add another level of attraction as this cut will highlight their strengths! A shaggy bob with textured layers works beautifully for thick and thin hair. This style looks casual yet relaxed when left unkempt, with bangs or no bangs. To get this look, use pomades or hair gel to smooth back the layers; it is the ideal hairstyle for those who wish to look stylish without going formal.


Layered haircuts are ideal for boys with wavy or curly locks, as they add texture and movement. Furthermore, this style frames the face and draws attention to certain facial features – particularly when worn alongside a beard. Try dyeing it ginger for an extra dose of edge in your shaggy haircut. This color can bring warmth and boldness, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Tiny boys with thin hair may benefit from opting for this textured shaggy cut to achieve an 80s rock n’ roll aesthetic. Add in light waves for added dimension, or braid it when damp, if possible, to elevate their haircut further.


Quiff haircuts for boys are one of the most distinctive shaggy hairstyles that add character and playfulness to their appearance. It is ideal for young boys and teens alike but can even look elegant when worn with formal wear. A faded haircut with a hard part is an iconic and timeless style, suitable for all hair types and easily customizable to reflect your individuality. Start by brushing through clean, shower-damp hair before applying a good gel or wax. These products help create texture while holding its shape for lasting success.


For men looking for an updated style, a boy’s shaggy haircut is ideal. Commonly known as the “business at the front, party at the back” look, this look can be achieved using various haircuts; one popular combination includes pompadour, and Kentucky waterfall cuts that combine short, straight locks at the front with long curls in the back. This cut works best with wavy hair and pairs well with facial hair. Additionally, this style works exceptionally well on men with thick or voluminous locks as it highlights their thickness and volume. Bangs may be worn to either side or kept longer; light-hold pomades or waxes can help maintain this low-maintenance style.

Side Bangs

Even though it’s not necessary, shag haircuts look best when combined with fringe or bangs. From wispy thin edges to full and thick bangs, this creates an intentionally messy yet undone finish that looks sexy – actor Owen Wilson is an example of this trend! Adding light charges to your shaggy cut will make it look softer and bouncy while accentuating your facial structure and complementing baby blue eyes. Classic shags feature choppy layers for an eye-catching effect, while modern approaches create lighter and softer layers for a more subtle finish. Both styles make an ideal look for young boys looking for an effortlessly cool yet rebellious appearance.

Angular Fringe

This style contrasts the messy and carefree shag by emphasizing a distinct fringe that frames the face. This fringe is best suited to medium-length hair and can be curly or straight, depending on individual wearer preferences. It is best worn curly straight for added versatility. Perfect as an informal cut for older boys and teens, add some pomade for maximum hold and smooth appearance. This layered and scruffy haircut for long-haired boys looks excellent on all facial structures, mainly oval, oblong, square, and triangle faces. The step layers and neat undercut add character and can be set using just a tiny amount of wax.