Top 5 Boys Hairstyles For Medium-Length Hair

Boys looking for an effortless yet stylish look should consider getting a fringe haircut. It can frame their eyes and add texture, but you could pair it with other hair designs for a striking aesthetic.

A bald fade haircut for boys is a trending modern style with shorter sides that blend into longer top hair, making this style easy to manage and adding flair with its trendy mini quiff feature.

Afro with a line-up and temple fade.

The Afro with Temple Fade is one of the most accessible and most versatile boys’ hairstyles for medium-length hair. The fade gives a sleek, polished appearance, while front locks can be customized based on preference and texture. This haircut also makes an excellent option for boys with thick locks!

The mid fade with a quiff haircut is another trendy style for boys. This haircut consists of short sides blending seamlessly into longer hair at the crown to form a quiff, making this cut simple to maintain with just some pomade or gel as needed to shape its style.

This unique hairstyle for boys is an innovative take on the classic crop cut, featuring shorter sides of a buzz cut paired with a line-up and temple fade for an eye-catching and excellent appearance.

Undercut with a tricky part.

Hard Part Hairstyles Are Great Additions to Fade Covever Cuts A hard part hairstyle is an easy and striking way to give any fade combover haircut personality and depth. It creates a dramatic contrast between short sides and long tops, and pairs nicely with any style – including quiff, pompadour, or comb over! Additionally, men with curly locks may benefit from having this style because it highlights their natural kinks.

A tricky part undercut is simple to maintain with regular barbershop trims or clippers alone. Still, visiting your barber regularly for touch-ups is advisable to keep its style looking sharp.

This style features a low skin fade and hard surgical line for an eye-catching, standout haircut.

Middle part

The middle part is an elegant hairstyle that works well for all hair textures and lengths, creating a sophisticated appearance while standing out from the crowd. It can be worn backward or to one side for casual and stylish styles.

Boys looking for an eye-catching style may experiment with a line-up or skin fade with a middle part for added drama. This look works well on older boys who wish to make an impressionful statement.

Boys with straight hair may try a modern quiff style featuring a center part. It features a layered top to add height and texture, and can even be spiked up with pomade for an impressive finish.


Quiff haircuts for boys who wish to achieve an up-to-date and sophisticated style are an excellent way to add texture and height. Inspired by pompadour cuts, but featuring more size on top and creating a structured yet textured style. A quiff style can work well on boys with medium or long locks, as it can be styled in many different ways.

Some boys prefer their quiffs combed back, while others prefer more rockabilly psychobilly styles that call for solid hold pomade to keep its height and structure. Both types require a strong hold pomade for optimal results.

Quiffs make an instantaneous statement when worn on any boy, but are particularly well suited to thin faces as it helps elongate them. A quiff also works excellent as it balances features while adding volume on top, giving rounder faces some added shape.

Messy fringe

This chic style is an excellent option for boys with long locks who like wearing their locks up. This look pairs well with an Edgar haircut, whose sides and back are tapered short while the top lengthens for a messy, choppy appearance. To complete this look, boys may use texturizing paste or pomade to add volume and shine to their locks.

This haircut keeps hair shorter around the ears and nape while leaving longer locks at the top to frame the face. This classic look can be worn swept to one side or styled in a French crop for more traditional appeal. Additionally, this style can help boys who play sports avoid sweat or humidity ruining their style!