Boys Styles For Long Hair – The Undercut

The popular boys haircut for long  is the undercut. It allows the stylist to play around with the length but keeps the hair short on top. A short undercut looks neat and is easy to style. It works well with most styling products. It requires a natural part. It is the perfect style for a boy who loves to play in the mud. Here are some tips to help your stylist create a stylish undercut.

If your child’s  is long on top, but short on the sides, you can style it in many ways. One of the most popular styles is the Rambo. This look looks great and keeps your kid’s hair out of his eyes. If your boy’s locks are prone to falling out naturally, you can try this method. You’ll want to leave the front part of his head untied, but you should make sure you tie it back with an elastic band.

A side sweep is a popular option for styling boys’ long hair. Starting at an inch from the scalp, it sweeps across the hair and down to the ends near the ear. It’s a fun and easy style that looks great on both young boys and older boys. If your son has a lot of natural length, you can simply let it flow naturally or tie it up in the back for a top knot or man bun. The extra length is also a great wraparound for a ponytail or a man bun.