Boys Haircuts Long on Top

One of the best long on top boys haircuts is a high fade with shaved pattern sides – bold yet stylish, it will help your child stand out in any crowd. A timeless classic. Accurate tapered sides connect seamlessly to a longer top finished with hard parts for an impressive appearance.

Short undercut

The short undercut is a popular tapered haircut among boys of all ages due to its easy styling and low maintenance requirements, particularly among younger athletes who play sports. Curls look fantastic when worn with this style too! It makes an ideal option for sports-minded children. This style is suitable for thin or fine hair and those seeking a more sculpted appearance. To achieve it, have your barber trim your son’s hair below where he typically parts his locks while leaving longer top hair length – giving him an eye-catching and classic haircut which looks good with all face shapes.


Some boys enjoy the look of spiked hair that pulls upward, giving a bold statement. With just a bit of product they can achieve this look that keeps their locks well-groomed yet makes them stylish – perfect for school. A fade cut with a spiky top can also look cool and stylish for school. This style will allow your son to experiment with new textures on his own while being easy for him to maintain without frequent trips to the barbershop.


Layers are an ideal option for boys looking to add some flair and soften the appearance of their locks. Applying this technique is extremely straightforward: simply divide his hair into sections using a comb before holding each section between your index and middle fingers on nondominant hand as a guide when cutting. Another popular choice for boys with long hair is a fade haircut. This look features short sides and an off-center top which can be styled into an alternative punk look if desired. Perfect for thicker locks and easy to maintain.

Top knot

For an extra splash of style in your boy’s hairstyle, consider getting him a textured crop haircut. Perfect for curly or wavy locks of any age range and featuring a taper fade on the sides with textured fringe and tapered fringe length, you can further embellish this haircut by adding light designs such as razor lines or an angled top. This stylish hairstyle is a popular choice among boys who follow trends. With short sides and longer top layers, this haircut makes managing thick hair easier while creating different textured styles including sharp spikes. In addition to being fashionable, this cut is also easy to maintain: simply blow dry your son’s hair straight up and back and use texturizing pomade. For an added polished finish try opting for a Caesar cut instead!