Boys Haircut Tutorial – How to Cut Boy’s Hair at Home

Cutting boys’ hair at home can be a cost- and time-effective alternative to professional haircuts at a salon. However, it requires practice and skill. In this tutorial, we will break down the process of cutting boys’ hair into smaller steps, focusing on selecting the right tools and techniques.


Clippers are a convenient and effective tool for cutting boys’ hair, especially for shorter styles, and creating fades. Choose the appropriate clipper size based on the desired length. Spritz the hair with water throughout the cutting process to keep it moisturized.


High-quality scissors are recommended for cutting boys’ hair to ensure a clean and even cut without causing damage. Comb the hair into sections and use your dominant hand to assess how much cutting is needed. Take care to perform a guide cut near the occipital bone for consistent length.

Razor Blades

Razor blades can be an excellent option for creating texture in the top layer of the hair, especially for a choppy effect. Ensure the blades are sharp and cut at an angle for the desired look. Consider different hardware options to find the best fit for your son’s hair.


Combs are essential tools for styling hair and achieving different textures. Choose the appropriate comb based on the desired style and task. Fine-toothed combs work well for separating curls or creating intricate styles. Keep the comb clean to maintain its effectiveness.