Boys Haircut Shaved Sides

Boys hairstyles with shaved sides can help ensure that your son feels confident with their look while still looking sharp for school. This style choice can especially benefit boys with textured locks. One of the coolest styles is a faux hawk with long top layers, faded sides and neat shaven fades – an eye-catching and captivating style sure to wow his friends.

Mid Fade with Textured Top

A mid fade haircut is the ideal solution for men with curly locks, creating contrast and definition between its sleek shaven sides and thick, voluminous curls on top. Furthermore, this cut requires minimal upkeep while being versatile enough to accommodate various hairstyles. To display your curls, pair a mid fade haircut with a sleek back hairstyle for maximum impact. This will add structure and balance to your appearance if you have a square face shape, while pompadour or quiff styles might attract attention from peers. If you have short hair, adding a mid fade with line up to your haircut can give it some added style. Your barber can express their creativity by shaving lines and shapes that create striking effects when seen from the side. This style works great when worn alongside beards or mustaches to achieve an alluring, masculine appearance.

Messy Textured Top

This style features a messy top full of texture. To achieve it, hair clay should be used to add volume and thicken each strand – an effective product for short textured locks as it gives the appearance of more thickness without adding weight to your locks. Rearrange your hair using hair gel and comb it back, creating an interesting contrast with your texture on top. Combine that with a fade on the sides for an attractive yet rugged style. This hairstyle is also known as the big brother to the textured quiff with short sides but long top.

Blonde Combover with Shaved Sides

Combining different styles in this boys haircut with shaved sides allows each part to shine through. The contrast between shaved side and long, blonde locks creates a captivating texture and highlights warm golden tones in the top section. High fades are always popular among men who wish to keep their appearance sleek and sophisticated, and can help achieve just that effect. Simply ask your barber to add some detail into the side for an eye-catching contrast that’s sure to make heads turn! Take the chance to show off your feminine side with this frosted blonde pixie cut featuring a shaved side and high ponytail, it will add flair and style to any look! Style the top section into braids, cute buns or updos for a glamorous and flirty finish, perhaps adding some balayage highlights for added dimension!

Textured Top with High Ponytail

Haircut art can make an instant statement. Instead of going for simple lines, opt for more intricate designs. They will leave everyone wondering where you found such beautiful designs! Additionally, this style works well across occasions like school and office environments and can easily be carried off at all times with ease – simply ask your stylist to shorten both sides while keeping top hair in a ponytail for you! If you want something a bit bolder, give this messy fohawk with high taper fade a try. Add an accent color or dye the top for added visual interest and to make this style truly stand out! Those who love playing with their hair will appreciate this style as it gives them plenty of opportunities to express their own personal styles through braids or buns, low ponytails or low ponytails. Perfect for girls with thick locks as it allows for multiple ways to style it!